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Ron Deibert on the history and future of Psiphon

Professor Ron Deibert is the director of Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, a remarkable institution which researches the intersection of civic politics and digital technology. Citizen Lab is one of the partners on the Open Net Initiative, a … Continue reading

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Internet Freedom: Protect, then project

A few weeks back, I offered a blogpost that was intended to spark some conversation about the idea of Internet Freedom. I’ve gotten a wealth of reactions to that post, laudatory and critical, and I’ve recently been more involved with … Continue reading

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Internet Freedom: Beyond Circumvention

Secretary Clinton’s recent speech on Internet Freedom has signaled a strong interest from the US State Department in promoting the use of the internet to promote political reforms in closed societies. It makes sense that the State Department would look … Continue reading

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Join the herd!

The Open Net Initiative, a project of the Berkman Center (my employer), Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, the Oxford Internet Institute and the University of Cambridge, has emerged as the gold standard for reporting on internet censorship around … Continue reading

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Internet Censorship and Nose-Thumbing

There’s understandable outcry about revelations that reporters covering the Olympics in Beijing will be using censored internet connections which block access to sites on sensitive topics, like human rights and Falun Gong. In classic fashion, a Beijing Olypics spokesman, Sun … Continue reading

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Financial models for “difficult” journalism

One of the themes I was struck by at the Berkman at Ten conference was the idea that the net is now mature enough that we should be studying what’s actually happening, not just what we think should happen. While … Continue reading

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Notes for workshop on blogs and advocacy

Framework: digital tools for advocacy Examples: – News sites (Sokwanele, This is Zimbabwe) This is Zimbabwe Kubatana Kifaya Nazret blogs – Ecosystems – Technorati, linking Technorati Links to This is Zimbabwe – Amplification Global Voices GLobal Voices Zimbabwe Digg Submit … Continue reading

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Relakks – an interesting option for circumvention and (partial) anonymity

It’s not every day that I get an introduction via video podcast. My friends Loïc LeMeur and Thomas Crampton used a podcast to introduce Rebecca, me and the Global Voices community to Jonas Birgersson, the chief executive of Swedish IT … Continue reading

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SXSW: Blogging where speech isn’t free

My friend Jon Lebkowsky put together a really excellent group for our panel at SXSW. The panel focused on the challenges of blogging in countries where there’s no reasonable expectation of freedom of speech. On stage, we had Shava Nerad … Continue reading

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Censorship of citizen media… or lack of interest?

Like many people who believe that citizen media is emerging as an important part of the overall media landscape, I’ve got at least two reactions to the rise in government censorship of the Internet. One is, of course, alarm: Ethiopia … Continue reading

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