June 10, 2006

Day 110: Nina Returns to Beijing

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On June 10th Hao’s sister Nina wrote a post, “Returning to Beijing Again:”

Back to Beijing again. I missed my brother when staring at his books and things. Hard to believe that their owner has been gone for so long. Looking at the note folded in the book on which my brother wrote down the address of a restaurant, I can’t help crying out. I saw his clean and fresh handwriting, and imagined his state of mind when writing down these notes. He is always my brother. A person with such simplicity and passion for life does not deserve such winding complications. No matter what others might say about him, our firm belief and trust in him will not change.

I went to cinema for the first time in a long time. The movie “Poseidon” is still a typical Hollywood blockbuster about catastrophe. After September 11, America needs heroism to promote hope and boost confidence among its people. Although I know the plot is artificial, written by a screenplay writer, my heart still rose and fell with the story. In the last scene, when all the six men are in a canoe, waiting for helicopter to pick them up, a happy ending proves to be worth all their efforts. There is a line taken from the movie: “Life is transient; life and death are uncertain.” I may adapt the line into “Life is transient; Happiness and misfortune are uncertain.” The character of Josh Lucas , a retired navy officer and veteran gambler, led the last remaining hopeful survivors from death to life. I believe that time will bring out the truth of everything, and reward our faithful waiting. Eventually one day the hope that we hold in our hearts will blossom and flourish.