April 5, 2006

Further note from Day 41: More about Hao

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Nina’s final post for the day on April 3rd reflects the anxiety and terrible stress of not knowing what the authorities have done with your brother or why:


Yesterday my husband in Shanghai got sick. This morning I also awoke with a splitting headache. Could we have both caught the flu? Perhaps it’s that the problem with my brother has left us mentally and physically exhausted.

Friends are consistently calling and writing emails to offer their help. I now have some regret about keeping a low profile earlier. Things might have been different if everyone had known about this earlier and been able to help us then.

Since questions friends have started to ask all center on “What happened to Haozi?” I will repost the Chinese translation by a kindhearted friend from an English website. I hope it is helpful. After my call from Haozi on March 16, I have not received any phone calls or messages from him. This is one reason we are extremely anxious now.

The rest of the post is the Chinese version of our original post: About Hao Wu’s Case.


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