May 6, 2006

Day 74: Family holiday, missing Hao

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On May 6th Hao’s sister Nina Wu wrote the following entry on her Chinese blog, titled My Parents Spent The May First Holidays With Us:

Within the ten hours or so between the afternoon of April 30th and the morning of May 1st, we had an urgent consultation with my parents, we bought the airplane tickets, they traveled and we picked them up. Then we traveled by car. Our original intention was to take my parents away from the sorrow, but they continued to look troubled and without the enthusiasm that they had during previous trips. Only when they saw the lively granddaughter by them did their expressions turned from ‘dark to bright.’

We visited the famous scenic sites at Tiantai Mountain. My mother insisted on not going to Guoqing Temple, the original site of the Tiantai branch of Chinese Buddhism. Her explanation was that her many wishes for my younger brother have never materialized, so she was too broken-hearted to go anymore … Although I am not a Buddhist, I am aware that it was important to be honest and not disprect Buddha. So we gave up the plan to visit the ancient temple. I followed my mother from behind and silently watched her raised her hand to wipe away the tears on her face …

My mother fell ill during the trip and so we decided to cut the trip short. As we left, we made a visit to the ancient home of the Jigong Buddha for a final prayer for my parents’ wishes. In her sick state, my mother lit three joss sticks just like us, and bowed in all four directions. On the way back, we had a tacit understanding not to mention my younger brother. Previous to that, we also had a tacit understanding not to ask each other about our wishes.

We passed through Hangzhou and took a rest next to West Lake. Under the dark blue sky of the night, we finally opened our hearts and told my parents about this affair. We told them about the selfless help from our friends and we told them about the efforts from so many parties … My parent’s misgivings were gradually removed. When told about the friends’ appraisal of my younger brother, my mother did not look so sad anymore and my father did not sigh anymore, as they know the character of their son. I knew then that making my parents come to Shanghai had not been a wasted effort. This was the first step in the ten thousand mile march, and there is still a lot that I need to tell them, including about my blog …

After getting back to Shanghai, I found emails from my friends waiting for me. I learned that the outside world did not forget Hao, that there are still people thinking about him and that there are still people working hard
on his behalf. I was very gratified.

So here, I will express sincere thanks to all those friends on behalf of my parents and the whole family!

Some friends were worried that the Internet comments may cause me to be saddened. Actually, I have become more open-minded after the experiences over all these years. It would be unusual for a society to have only one voice about an affair. did not ban Jessica Copeland’s speech and I have no need to be troubled by the different kinds of voices on my blog. If the commentators carefully read all the
information, he/she would know that Hao was not a believer in any kind of religion. Actually, no matter whether is is Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism or Islam, the core principles ought to be about being good. I have Buddhist and Christian friends. When they heard that Hao was missing, they prayed and they burned joss sticks for his early safe return. Love has no borders, and being good is not divided by belief or sect.


  1. Nina, I tried to post on your blog but it wouldn’t take my comment. Just want you to know that we have not forgotten Hao and our thoughts are with you and your family.

    I’m trying to get a letter out of the mayor’s office; I’ll let you know if I succeed.

    Comment by Other Lisa — May 6, 2006 @ 7:37 pm

  2. Basra Massacre –

    I have long wondered why the few Christian westerners picking the humming birds of China while ignoring the elephants of the west.

    Hundreds of innocent Iraqi civilians including children have washed the streets of Basra with their blood. The UK troops have used machine guns on the innocent protesting civilians.

    The shameless BBC only admits the flowing:

    “Major Sebastian Muntz, in Basra, admitted a “small number” of live rounds of ammunition had been fired after troops were attacked with petrol bombs and firearms. But he could not confirm claims that people had died in the disturbances. ”

    With the western denial of brutal suppressions, bloody massacres of civilians, savage tortures and shameless Christian proselytizing, the UK has alienated every single person not in the “west”.

    Are you all hypocrites in the west?

    Are you all brainwashed into Christian robots in the west?

    Are you all blind?

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 6, 2006 @ 9:03 pm

  3. Well, before I answer those questions, let me fire some questions back at ya, ‘jessica copeland’:

    Are you entirely devoid of sympathy for your own countrymen?

    How can you be so ignorant of the beam in your own eye, while so cognizant of the mote in your neighbour’s?

    Have you been brainwashed into a Party robot?

    Are you blind?

    Like many who support Haowu, I’m neither a Westerner nor a Christian, 你这个缺少人味儿的傻B. I think the human rights abuses going on in Iraq are disgusting. However, there are many Western media outlets - both traditional and alternative - reporting on those abuses, and many protest groups and watchdog agencies in the West condemning them. There is outrage, and rightly so. Therefore the accusation of denial and hypocrisy (especially coming from you) is a bit rich.

    Think the BBC is shamelessly whitewashing the atrocities going on in Basra? Let’s ask how shamelessly Xinhua is in whitewashing the imprisonment/torture/state-sanctioned killing of China’s religious group members, pro-independence activists, democracy activists, human rights activists, writers, artists…one could go on and on. As a Chinese, why aren’t you outraged over that? Could it be that you find it easier to point figures at other countries than at your own?

    If you really care about the innocent civilians and children of Basra, write articles, start websites, or join protests calling for pulling out of Iraq or for court-martialing the soldiers responsible.

    But don’t shit all over this blog. It makes you look inhuman - that you’d dismiss and actively undermine a campaign for an innocent compatriot’s release. Yes, there are worse cases out there, worse wrongs being perpetuated - but it doesn’t make this wrong any less of a wrong, does it? Stop politicizing this, stop seeing this as “Us” (Chinese) against them (Everybody Else), have the courage to let go of your nationalism, and realise that fundamentally this is about a human being in need, and that you ought to care about him. Or if you don’t care, at least have the courtesy to allow us to care.

    Get it?

    Comment by nausicaa — May 7, 2006 @ 3:10 am

  4. Nausicaa,

    You need to get the basic facts right before throwing such profanity at me.

    The typical mistakes of Christians are to sincerely feel “sympathetic” for others. Such “sympathy” is based on lies and derogatory bashes against non-Christian nations by the Christian church. These biased church bashes are the foundation of Christian prejudice and racism.

    Why should I feel sympathetic for “my countrymen”? Are you sympathetic for “your own countrymen”? It is sad to witness your childish faith in the west. Just to remind you, again, that I have nothing to do with the communist party. I openly criticize the corruption of CPC - 天下乌鸦一般黑。

    It is embarrassingly naive for you to buy the cheap propaganda that there is an alternative reporting system available to ordinary westerners.

    The simple reality is that the western governments firmly control their media - more than CPC.

    Most westerners only speak English. All their views are indoctrinated by their Christian churches. There is not freedom.

    BTW, do you know what the westerners are talking about when they speak “freedom”? Let me educate you, their freedom means the obeying and worshiping of Jesus Christ.

    我常叹息,为什么有些华人这么蠢,这么憨?认白鬼做父。你以为白人有好心肠? 你也真是白日做梦。耶稣基督在圣经路克14:27篇说:

    “那些不让我当王的人在哪儿?把他们统统带上来。在我面前一一杀死。” - 耶稣基督,圣经-路克14:27篇

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 7, 2006 @ 6:02 pm

  5. “Sympathy”, or compassion for fellow human beings, is not only a Christian belief but also a fundamentally Humanist and, need I mention (since you’ve previously trotted out Confucianism) a Confucian one. 孟子曰: 君子以仁存心,仁者愛人. Am I sympathetic to countrymen who are suffering? Yes. Which is why I’m looking to work for a Chinese NGO on rural development following graduation, when more lucrative opportunities could be available.

    Why should you be sympathetic? I don’t know - why shouldn’t you? I guess if your worldview is essentially egoistic and solipsistic, you needn’t feel any sympathy at all. But from your post on the atrocities in Basra it seems you do feel sympathy for fellow human beings, or at least want to pretend that you do. And yet you’ve shat on this blog innumerable times, clearly flaunting your disregard for Wu Hao’s and his sister’s plight. I guess that makes you somewhat of a hypocrit, doesn’t it?

    And from the way you go and on about how all Westerners are evil Christians, I can only deduce that both your samples of Christians and of Westerners are sadly lacking. True, some Christian faith groups (i.e. the fundamentalist kind) can be intolerant and narrow-minded, but some (i.e. Unitarian Universalist - unless they don’t count in your equation as ‘Christian’?) are quite open-minded and inclusive.

    Furthermore,I can’t speak for all Western countries, but here in North America a sizeable portion,if not the majority, of citizens aren’t Christians at all. And although the influence of Christian fundamentalism has been on the rise since Bush’s last election to office, there has been an equally strong anti-Christian backlash in the States. And I’d further wager that a great number of the people of this site and those who’ve worked on the letter-writing campaigns are liberals, and most likely atheists. Their goal is not to proselytize, but simply to work for Wu Hao’s release. Heck, Wu Hao is not even Christian! “Freedom” in this instance is not loyalty to Christ or what have you but literally freedom: as in, out of detention. Not that hard of an idea to get, is it?

    “I openly criticize the corruption of CPC - 天下乌鸦一般黑.”

    True, but some crows are blacker than others. And you criticize the corruption of the Chinese government? Ho hum. Am I supposed to think that’s subversive of you? When there have been countless propaganda campaigns initiated by the CCP targeted at corruption? Heck,even Party members themselves criticize it. Meanwhile everything else about your attitude - your anti-Westernism, your anti-religionism, your ultranationalism - smacks of a daily diet of grade-A CCP propaganda for years on end. Want to accuse us of being brainwashed? Sorry, I think that dunce cap looks better on you.

    “It is embarrassingly naive for you to buy the cheap propaganda that there is an alternative reporting system available to ordinary westerners.”

    The simple reality is that the western governments firmly control their media - more than CPC.

    No alternative media? More than the CCP? Prove it.

    Btw, you’re HELLO/Astute Observer, aren’t you? I remember Richard saying he traced your IP to Alabama. Which could explain why you might think all Westerners are Christians. But most Americans outside of the Bible Belt wouldn’t even be able to quote Luke, let alone follow its directives. Oh, and either you cited the wrong passage, or you’re deliberately distorting it, because here’s what 14:27 actually says:

    “Whoever doesn’t bear his own cross, and come after me, can’t be my disciple.” A wee different from your translation of “Where are those who do not let me be king? Let them come forth, facing me - and kill them”, huh?

    Btw, I think it’s hilarious you’re decrying the prejudice and racism of Westerners in one breath and calling them heartless “white devils” in another. Who’s prejudiced and racist now, kid?

    To Ethan and Rebecca and whoever else works for this site: sorry if I’m spamming your blog. But jessica copeland’s been at it for far too long, and I think it’s time his ass got handed to him. Argh, it’s back to work for me now.

    Comment by jessica copeland is a serial wanker — May 7, 2006 @ 9:50 pm

  6. “Jessica” is also known as “Really.”

    Comment by Other Lisa — May 7, 2006 @ 11:26 pm

  7. Nina,

    Just want to let you know I am an avid reader of your brother’s blog. I found his site by accident and was instantly hooked up. I have similar background of wu hao, grew up in China, MBA in the US and now I am in another western country. I love your brother’s writing and share many of his optimistic and critical views on China. Shocked and saddened by his current situation, I wish you and your family well and hope your brother will be safe and free in the near future. Also thank you for your blog and efforts for freeing your brother. I believe there are many strangers like me strongly support you. While little assistance I can offer now, I will be following the situation and pitch in whenever I can.


    Comment by JG — May 8, 2006 @ 2:12 am

  8. Serial wanker ,

    How can there be a “back-lash” on American Christians when every child is forced to repeat “One Nation under Ghod”?

    Christian White dictatorship is the simple reality of the US. Such a dictatorship is defined by democracy. Your beliefs in “back-lashes” or “persecutions” are part of your false faith indoctrinated onto you when you were a child. I never cease to be amused by just how much hatred Christianity brings onto followers.

    As an universal value of all human beings, I hate evil. I am merely anti-evil. I think you are anti-China, anti-freedom-from-religion, and a Christian ultranationalist. You simply cannot tolerate any criticism of the west. You simply cannot tolerate any criticism of the US. Are you not here to lecture us on “speech freedom”? Do you practice what you are preaching?

    “Sympathy” is different from the Christian “sympathy”. Let me spell it out so that you understand what I am talking about: Christians are absolutists. They believe themselves are better because they have truth. To keep the sheep in church, Christian preachers constantly spread derogatory images and fears of foreign nations. Christian “sympathy” is inherently false. The purpose for such “sympathy” is to promote religious robots to conduct missions to the non-Christian world. Look at rapped Iraq today, if Christians know the nature and reality of the Muslim nation, such holocaust of innocent lives can be avoided.

    Do you not see the stranded minorities in Louisiana? Do you know they were shot at by white cops when walked to a neighboring city?

    Does it not make better sense for you to first help those struggling in your won racist society?

    The foundation of your reaching out to China is your Christian fear and hatred against China. There is no way you can escape your childhood indoctrination.

    You still have not answered my question, are you not feeling sympathetic for your own countrymen who are systematically indoctrinated with fear and hatred?

    Were you not told that Bibles are banned by the evil commies in China? How come you are free to have one? Go read Luke 19:27 yourself. We don’t need your Ghod. Leave us alone.

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 8, 2006 @ 4:53 pm

  9. You absolute idiot.

    I don’t have a bible. I’m currently living in the West (like you are) and I simply googled it. Furthermore, I’m an aetheist (reading enough Nietszche will do that to you), and I can’t be an ultranationalist because my nationality (or at least one of them) is Chinese.

    As for ‘childhood indoctrination’, I grew up on the mainland. My family - with my father’s side peasantry and my mother’s side proletarian - is eminently Red. Tell me when would I have been indoctrinated by Christian propaganda?

    And I already answered your question. I am sympathetic to countrymen who are suffering, such as Wu Hao and Wu Na. I am even (on some level) sympathetic the likes of you who are suffering from having being systematically indoctrinated with fear and hatred, which is why I’m even bothering to respond to your idiocy. Do you even realize that you - who frame the world in black-and-white terms - are exactly what you accuse others of being? That the descriptors “prejudiced” and “racist” and “indoctrinated” and “absolutist” can be perfectly applied to you?

    You have the freedom of speech. Even though you abuse it, the owners of this site haven’t taken that away from you. However, I - using my freedom of speech - can verbally castigate you for the effluvium you spew out.

    So pardon my French, but I must say you’re full of shit. Assertions you’ve yet to prove, beyond using cheap rhetorical tricks like “it’s obvious that” and “it’s a simple reality that”: 1) Christian sympathy is inherently false; 2) Westerners, even those who are professedly not Christian, have all been indoctrinated by Christian propaganda; 3)racism in the West (which definitely exists, this no one will deny) is directly related to Christianity; 4) no truly independent media sources exist in the West; 5)the Chinese police are reasonable and lenient; and finally 6)the advocacy for greater individual freedom in China, including this website, is part of a conspiracy to turn the Chinese into religious automatons.

    Everything you’ve said thus far is a mess of logical fallacies and false assumptions, which would be fine if this were your own website, but as it stands you’re just spitting on the faces of those who’ve working on this website and the people they’re trying to help.

    Comment by jessica copeland 是社会渣滓 — May 8, 2006 @ 6:53 pm

  10. A simple question, have you read Luke 19:27?

    Go google it. What do you think?

    Let me know your answer before you rush into name calling again.

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 8, 2006 @ 8:39 pm

  11. 美国两党,哪个党都代表富翁,贪污腐败。贫苦老百姓绝对没权。你们勿以为政治制度能解决社会问题。看看南美和非洲的民主国家(饥荒,内战)-你就多想想吧。

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 8, 2006 @ 8:52 pm

  12. Ah, now that you’ve cited me the right passage, I’ve found it: “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.”

    Tell me, how is this so very different from (also per google):

    “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” Koran 8: 12?

    The Koran, like the Bible, is replete with threats of fire and brimstone for ‘infidels’ and idolators. And yet most Arabs (note I said “Arabs” and not “Muslims”, since you obviously don’t differentiate between “Westerners” and “Christians”) aren’t evil jihadists, are they? So why do you assume all Westerners are Christians, and all Christians are evil?

    Furthermore, religious texts are complex and often even self-contradictory, and they aren’t always taken verbatim by their followers. The point is, religion can be used for good as well as for evil. Christianity was used as a pretext for the Crusades, but it also formed the foundation of Humanism. And even in China, where Christianity has had a long and troubled history, it still did some good. For example, without the Christian missionaries spearheading the Anti-Footbinding Movement in concert with Chinese Reformists, my grandmother would have had to live all her life as a cripple.

    But this isn’t about Christianity, and even less about democracy. This is about a person, a 同胞 who has been detained for no apparent reason and without due process, whose suffering you could care less about and even actively disparage.

    (Btw, no, democracy is not the panacea for all social ills. But it’s far from being the source of ‘Christian White dictatorship’ as you’ve put it. Modern social democracies like Sweden have worked comparatively well, and even if you disapprove of the way democracy is praticised in the States, Americans are not as voiceless as citizens in authoritarian states are, because at least they have the political space for discourse, as well as someefficacy. It is a fact that successful social movements in the States - like those for industrial workers’ rights, civil rights, welfare, etc - have brought about lasting change.)

    Oh yeah, and upset over my name-calling? Good. My incivility has been far outweighed by your 厚脸皮 in dropping your turds everywhere on this site. This will be my last post to you, as you haven’t yet backed up any of your hate-filled, racist assumptions, and because I increasingly see that it’s like 对牛弹琴 when I could be doing something productive. I can’t hope that you’ll stop trolling this site, but I do hope that in a few years when you’ve grown up and - I dunno - have actually grown a heart that you’ll look back on your turd-droppings here and blush with shame.

    Comment by jessica copeland 你是哪头猪? — May 9, 2006 @ 12:08 am

  13. It is very clear at this point that you are not Chinese. Why don’t you spit out some responses in Chinese? You are a shameless white male with five-year-old Chinese.

    Do you spend time thinking about your credibility to us? If you lie for such small gain, why should anyone trust anything you say?

    Americans are voiceless and choice-less. They are ignorant and arrogant. They are fatally brainwashed at young age. I gave you two white men, you “pick” one. Neither one represents you at all. How is that a political space for discourse? Only brainwashed minds believe such a lie.

    I don’t think you will EVER understand why it is very clear that you are not Chinese. You won’t find no Chinese thinking the way you do.

    Let me try to explain.

    Clearly, you defend Christianity. That shows at lot about you, for example your childhood indoctrination in Christianity.

    For the rest of the world, the Christian Bible is not complex. It is just trash.

    It seems you have no idea about the savage Christian colonization of China since the two opium wars. Do you know the rape of Yuan Ming Yuan? Do you know the only copy of the Chinese book “Four Respects” was destroyed by Christian pigs like you?

    Your radically narrow knowledge is a signature of your shameless church education. Do you know the treaty of Nanking? It is fair to the Chinese?

    Cleary, you have no understanding of foot-binding because what you have said is utterly offensive to the Chinese. If you really have a grandma like that, you pig would not call her a cripple.

    My grandma had small feet, she walked fine. She could not get over only two things. Her mother was raped by the European Christian monster. Her husband’s business collapsed during the Chinese civil war.

    I request you to think about the trauma of the Chinese people caused by your savage rape and colonization of China during since 1840.

    I talked about my grandma’s feet with her. I learned that it was fashion at that time. Western women wore metal cage to the degree of broken ribs and suffocation during the same time. Of course you have no knowledge about that. And of course, that is why your Christian culture is not inferior; and does not need corrections by Jesus.

    The reason you are so blind about yourself is an evidence of your profoundly biased knowledge.

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 9, 2006 @ 1:49 am

  14. Everyone, there is no point in trying to engage in a discussion with “Jessica.” I have tried. It doesn’t matter what beliefs you hold, “she” will not believe that you are anything other than a Christian. “She” is the only person who understands China. You are not capable of it, even if you are Chinese yourself. “She” will tell you to get out of China and “go home,” even though “she” in fact is based in Upstate New York. She will spare no sympathy for Hao and his family and continue to spam this blog with her rather repetitive rants.

    And for some reason, “she” will continue to use the spelling “Ghod.” Which is no longer “Dog” spelled backwards.

    Comment by Other Lisa — May 9, 2006 @ 2:04 am

  15. My condolences about the situation. I would suggest contacting Amnesty International, they are very good at helping with cases like these.

    Comment by mml — May 9, 2006 @ 10:59 am

  16. Lisa,

    Do you have any legitimate argument at all?

    Do you still claim to be a Taoist atheist? How come we are not allowed to dismiss the Christian Bible as trash?

    You are really mad at any criticism of the west. You simply cannot tolerate any criticism of the US. I think you simply cannot tolerate any criticism of Christianity. I read your blog extensively. There is no criticism of Jesus Christ.

    Are you not here to lecture us on “speech and religious freedom”?

    Do you practice what you are preaching?

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 9, 2006 @ 2:21 pm

  17. I can tolerate many things, but being accused of being a non-Chinese by a Chinese totally insensitive to the suffering of other Chinese is not one of them. I apologize beforehand for my juvenile rant, but I’m afraid this is the only kind of discourse jessica copeland will be able to understand.

    @’jessica copeland’: 我晕… 竟然诬称我是洋人!你以为中国人都像你这么白痴? 要是真的那样的话国家就完蛋了。说真的你的智商比一般的粪青还低,至少他们还不会大脑衰弱到认为吴皓的冤案是被‘西方基督教教徒’捏造出来的程度。你丫还鄙视人家的中文水平,不先看看你自己的狗屁不通的烂英文。按照你的推论,你有资格评论西方国家吗?说别人无耻,你他妈的才是丢死人了。我再次重复:有种你来证明一下你所散布的荒唐谬论啊!

    你以为我不懂什么是‘百年国耻’? 什么是‘不平等合约’? 八国联军进京后烧杀掠抢的暴力行为? 侵略者的野蛮残忍?笑话。 但是帝国主义的目的不是发扬光大基督教而是剥削中国的劳力资源。日本的国教是神教,不是基督教,可是日本作为侵略者比英国还残忍。所以可见当时邪恶后面的动力不是基督教而是帝国主义。 这不是包屁基督教:它像很多宗教一样,可扶邪压正,也可以扶正压邪。关键的是看用它的人。

    我不指望你承认我是中国人,因为那样会切底毁了你充满种族歧视的极端世界观。八成你还是会一口咬定我是洋人。也可能你会称我是崇洋媚外的‘汉奸’ 或想陷害中国的台独分子或从小被教徒‘洗脑’的ABC。 免了吧,这些老娘我都听过。继续自欺吧,你!

    吴娜不跟你搅活是因为宰相肚里能装船. 可惜我没有那么好的姿态。

    (忘了加一句:你以为小脚女人走路自如?下辈子你试试! 当然是一种残废!)

    Sorry, I know I’m just helping him lower the tone of this blog, but I really wish (oh how I wish!) I could just ‘help’ him go away.

    Comment by nausicaa — May 10, 2006 @ 7:50 am

  18. I shouldn’t do this…but….”Jessica,” I have talked about how dangerous I believe the Christian Right is on my blog and the dangers of religious fundamentalists of all sorts. But in general I don’t talk about Christianity. Because I don’t post that much, and Christianity doesn’t interest me enough to write about it. “Really.”

    Nausicaa, we all wish “she” would go away, but she won’t. I tell myself I’m not going to engage, and I still do it, and then I feel the need to apologize for helping to perpetuate the whole thing.

    Meanwhile, Hao is still missing. I wish we could focus on that. But “jessica” doesn’t care.

    Comment by Other Lisa — May 10, 2006 @ 7:57 am

  19. Lisa, I doubt the existence of “Nausicca”. It is just you jumping around. There is not a second person.

    The Chinese paragraphs are clearly copied and pasted from more than one places. In between the native speaker’s sentences, you inserted some of your stinking 5-year-old level Chinese.

    The sentences are cut off between paragraphs.

    Also, one would expect you to stay on topic instead of detour to Taiwan issue.

    How ridiculous!

    If you want to shut me up to such a degree, I will just ignore your site.

    I find it sadly ironic for US reach-outs like you. You come to China to harass us in the first place. Then you ask us who talk back to go away.

    It seems you are more interested in basing China than resolve any issue.

    A web site like this is ridiculous, especially when thousands have disappeared in the US.

    Anyone who are not brainwashed by American education can see through you, Lisa, the Christian white clown.

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 10, 2006 @ 2:49 pm

  20. 好,我们就用中文好了。


    你知道美警察为什么如此惨无人道的屠杀大尉教徒吗?因为美政权看到大尉教是政治威胁。你知道我为什么说 - 天下乌鸦一般黑吗?人的社会,真的哪里都一样。




    Comment by jessica copeland — May 10, 2006 @ 3:21 pm

  21. The font looks wonky because I copy+pasted it over from my NJ processor, which broke up the lines that I then had to manually reattach, troll. Also, you’re so predictable.

    “If you want to shut me up to such a degree, I will just ignore your site.”

    We’ll hold you to your promise.

    Comment by nausicaa — May 10, 2006 @ 5:21 pm

  22. nausicaa, 真奇怪! 你为什么不用中文回复? 请用中文。 我提了那么多问题,你一个也没回答。难道你同意我的观点?

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 10, 2006 @ 7:35 pm

  23. Everyone — I don’t agree that “Jessica” should be silenced. She undermines his or herself by preaching to a bunch of liberal atheists, (who are disgusted by what’s happening in Iraq), about the evils of white-devil Christianity.

    Jessie — The State Council sends directives to Xinhua regularly about what can and cannot be reported. The most patriotic Xinhua reporter will confirm that. Your claim that the western media are more government controlled than the mainland Chinese media is wrong. I can cite any number of editorials in the U.S. media that criticize the Bush administration’s actions in the Middle East. I can also point to plenty of news reports taking the administration to task for faulty intelligence leading up to the war. If you want to argue this point, I’ll send them to you. I suspect you won’t respond to this, though…

    Comment by Concerned Friend — May 22, 2006 @ 9:34 am

  24. Concerned Friend,

    Do you think the US State Council does not send directives to Wired News regularly about what can and cannot be reported?

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 26, 2006 @ 1:07 pm

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    Comment by 我来自中国农村 — June 18, 2006 @ 9:34 pm

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    Comment by 我来自中国农村 — June 18, 2006 @ 9:35 pm

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    Comment by 这是哪个国家的论坛 — June 18, 2006 @ 9:37 pm

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