May 13, 2006

Day 81: Others who share Hao’s plight

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On May 13th Hao’s sister Nina Wu wrote a post titled We are not the only family who are suffering:

Yesterday, I was saying to my friend how lucky I was that even though my brother is in trouble, I have so many friends who care and who support me. Last night, I climbed into bed, exhausted, but could not sleep because I kept thinking about my brother. I logged onto Jin Yan’s blog and saw that even though Hu Jia has been released, Jin Yan is still concerned about other unlucky families, and was wondering whether there are volunteer organizations that help those vulnerable families who are missing loved ones. We are not the only family in pain—who can help Yuan Weijing? Can we give such families more moral support?

Jin Yan has experienced pain, and our family is still in pain, I can understand the other families who are in hopeless situations.

Who remembers Chen Guangcheng Guo yushan?

May 7, I was on the train returning to Beijing, when suddenly I received a call from Yuan Weijing’s sister-in-law. She wanted to know the situation with our friends in Beijing who were trying to help Guangcheng. She really had to struggle to find time to call me.

Another time, she called me in a spare moment. She was under a lot of pressure: Guangcheng had disappeared and nobody knew what was going to happen; at home there was only her, Guangcheng’s old mother, and an infant not yet one month old; with this combination of elderly plus the baby, there were still about 20-odd people around where they lived guarding them. You can see what kind of an enemy the local government thinks Chen Guangcheng is.

Guangcheng’s mother is old but she can still walk around by herself. However, when she strolls around the village, nobody dares to talk to her. The old lady misses her son, and her health has deteriorated. The sister-in-law has to take of the elderly and the infant, so she is totally exhausted.

Receiving her phone call on the train, I felt their stress and fear, and I did not know how to console her. I asked her whether she knew that Times magazine made a list of 100 peoples of 2006 and that Guangcheng was listed as a “hero and leader”; she said that she knew, and said that Shandong television had reported on that list, of the 5 Chinese people who were chosen (Wen Jiabao, Ang Lee, Huang Guangyu, Ma Jun, Chen Guangcheng) they mentioned 4, only Chen Guangcheng was left out.


  1. when i knew all of these.i decided to be a journalist after graduation. but my friend told me that honest journalists had never been in shortage. though they had been injured or killed by those had power,their spirit never died.
    why the ones who love them do not have power to protect them? why those who have power turn a blind eye to them? who are murderers?
    dad told me to try to be a communist,but a real one.he said,if power is not in the hand of real communists,the country is in danger,the people are suffering. but i am thinking,how can a real communist survive? how can a people’s tiny servant wrest power from the giant devil?
    who can save?

    Comment by a chinese — May 21, 2006 @ 5:44 am

  2. I don’t understand why the wishful westerners must keep posting as Chinese? Don’t you feel that you are discrediting yourself by such cheap lies? It is laughably clear where you are from. “Journalists are injured and killed by devil”? Where? How? In Iraq, by US bombing?

    Comment by jessica copeland — May 29, 2006 @ 7:32 pm

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