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Experiments in Skypecasting

Earlier today, I posted the first Global Voices podcast, an interview with friend, fellow WorldChanging contributor, and all around terrific person, Dina Mehta. Dina was kind enough to serve as guinea pig as I fiddled with the various technology that … Continue reading

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Free Speech, Humanitarian Aid and Rape in Darfur

Sudan’s state prosecutor, Mohamed Farid, has ordered that Paul Foreman, head of the Dutch branch of Médecins Sans Frontières’s team in Sudan, be arrested in conjunction with a report MSF published on rape as a weapon of war in Sudan. … Continue reading

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Image blogging, the solution for the linguistically disabled

As I spend more and more time on the Global Voices project, I’m starting to realize that I’m grossly underqualified to work on this project on one critical axis: language skills. Like many Americans, I speak only one language with … Continue reading

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Neglect me, abuse me, treat me as I were your spaniel, but I will not leave you, Macintosh…

I love the Macintosh on an abstract, conceptual, idealized basis. The actual, physical Macintosh I encounter in reality often frustrates the heck out of me. This is made more embarrasing by the fact that I’ve developed a reputation around Berkman … Continue reading

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“Media Fast” for Mojtaba

Committee to Protect Bloggers is organizing a “Media Fast” today to call attention to Mojtaba Saminejad’s hunger strike. Mojtaba, an Iranian blogger, was arrested in November 2004 for reporting on the arrest of three Iranian bloggers – he’s being held … Continue reading

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Mongolia, land of Sumo

Mongolia’s presidential election is taking place today, and former Prime Minister, Nambariin Enkhbayar, looks slated to win. His party – the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party – is the former communist party, and his popularity reflects a communist-era nostalgia that’s been … Continue reading

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English-language blogs in Jordan

I’m in Amman, Jordan for the next three days (well, 54 hours remaining…) for a meeting of Open Society’s Information program. One of our guests at the meeting this morning was Isam Bayazidi, an open source hacker, wikipedian and blogger. … Continue reading

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Different regions, different bridgebloggers

As Rebecca and I work to flesh out the Global Voices catalog, we’re finding different kinds of bridgebloggers in different nations. In countries where there’s a well established blogosphere – like Kenya or Bahrain – we’re finding a wide range … Continue reading

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Reading blogs, and staying home. Sort of.

Rebecca asked me to cover the Global Voices daily blog roundup yesterday. It was a good chance to discover just how powerful the Global Voices aggregator has gotten… and how much work it is to sort a coherent post out … Continue reading

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Two Indias

I’m reassured that Dina finds India paradoxical as well – I worried that I was the only one. Travelling from Bangalore to Bombay, Rajastan and New Delhi earlier this year, I described India to friends as having the highest standard … Continue reading

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