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Global Voices at age 5 – #GV5

My Global Voices colleagues have been taking time at the end this year to reflect on the past five years of our joint project. I’ve been rather busy with another joint project, my new son Drew, who is a month … Continue reading

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Could Rick Warren stop Uganda’s anti-gay legislation?

Breaking news: Pastor Warren has released a video condemning the Ugandan anti-gay legislation. (The video was released December 10th, the day after I posted this piece, and after Reverend Kaoma’s press conference.) I’m very grateful that he’s made this statement, … Continue reading

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A simple way to improve Facebook suggestions

While we’re on the topic of questionable Facebook “features”… I’m happy to see that I wasn’t the only person complaining about Facebook’s “suggestions” today. Earlier today, Facebook offered this helpful piece of advice: I’d love to reconnect with Hossein – … Continue reading

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Bye, bye Beacon… and other bad ad ideas

There are ideas that, when you first encounter them, you say, “That can’t possibly be a good idea.” That’s how I and colleagues at the Berkman Center felt when we saw a preview of Facebook’s Beacon “feature” in November of … Continue reading

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Stories I’m (not) following this week

We’re nearing the end of our first week at home with a newborn, and he’s survived largely unscathed thus far. With a house full of extended family and nights spent sleeping in ninety minute intervals, it hasn’t exactly been the … Continue reading

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Background on Dickey’s “The Blogfather and the Spy”

Christopher Dickey posted an interesting, though somewhat odd, story on Newsweek’s web site yesterday. Odd, because there’s nothing in the story that’s new since he began repsearching the story in late August. My guess is that the story hasn’t run … Continue reading

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