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Civic Media Lunch: Telling stories about Occupy Wall Street

Media activists Marisa Jahn and Julian Rubenstein joined us for today’s lunch talk at the Center for Civic Media. Marisa is the new director of the People’s Production House, a New York based project that works with low income workers … Continue reading

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Beth Coleman on “Tweeting the Revolution”

Beth Coleman presents some of her recent research on the protests in Tahrir square, and a broader theory of how social networks and activism in the physical world work together today at the Berkman Center. With her is Mike Ananny, … Continue reading

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Albert-László Barabási and scale free networks

(Notes from a talk given yesterday at the MIT Media Lab Members meeting.) Albert-László Barabási, a Hungarian scientist, is one of the leading theorists on the properties of networks. As it happens, networks appear in many different branches of science, … Continue reading

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Ricardo Hausmann on Economic Complexity

The member meeting at the Media Lab features speakers from within the lab, like César Hidalgo and Joi Ito, and outside speakers – in that latter case, the invited speakers reflect César’s wonderfully idiosyncratic take on networks. One of his … Continue reading

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Joi Ito on Openness and the Media Lab

Joi Ito follows César Hidalgo’s talk on knowledge networks to offer thoughts on how networked knowledge is transforming the lab. When he accepted the job as director of the MIT Media Lab, Joi tells us, Nicholas Negroponte warned him, “Don’t … Continue reading

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César Hidalgo on personbytes and knowledge networks

It’s sponsor week at the Media Lab, the semi-annual “open house” where Media Lab students and researchers share their work with the foundation and corporate folks who pay for it. It’s Joi Ito’s first sponsor week as director of the … Continue reading

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Ramesh Srinivasan on Digital Diversity at Center for Civic Media

Ramesh Srinivasan is a designer who’s found himself pulled into cultural anthropology by his fascination with “digital diversity”. Some of the lessons he’s learned from this work found articulation in a piece in the Washington Post this weekend, which address … Continue reading

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Former purveyor of discarded paradigms, at your service.

Designer Richard Vijgen has posted a lovely and ambitious visualization of a data set that has special personal meaning for me: 650 gigabytes which represent tens of millions of homepages hosted by GeoCities before it was shut down by Yahoo! … Continue reading

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