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The Passion of Mike Daisey: Journalism, Storytelling and the Ethics of Attention

I am telling you that I do not speak Mandarin, I do not speak Cantonese, I have only a passing familiarity with Chinese culture and to call what I have a passing familiarity is an insult to Chinese culture—I don’t … Continue reading

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Useful reads on Kony 2012

Two important reads on Invisible Children and the #Kony2012 campaign: Gilad Lotan of SocialFlow has been crunching the data on the spread of Kony2012 on Twitter and has some very interesting preliminary results. (He’s also been at SXSW this past … Continue reading

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Teju Cole on American sentimentality towards Africa

Teju Cole, who just won a prestigious award for his novel “Open City“, offers a brief essay, in Twitter form, as a reaction to Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign: Seven thoughts on the banality of sentimentality. — Teju Cole (@tejucole) … Continue reading

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Unpacking Kony 2012

Traduzido para o Português por Natália Mazotte e Bruno Serman This Monday, March 5th, the advocacy organization Invisible Children released a 30 minute video titled “Kony 2012“. The goal of the video is to raise awareness of Joseph Kony, leader … Continue reading

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