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Saving the News with Advocacy Journalism: ten minutes with the Nieman Foundation

It’s the 75th anniversary of the Nieman Foundation, and the Harvard-based program is bringing back generations of its fellows, mid-career journalists brought to Cambridge to study for a year, back to honor and celebrate the institution. One of the events … Continue reading

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Long tail audiobooks – a thought experiment

Because I have a long commute, I listen to a lot of audio: public radio, podcasts and audiobooks. Because I work in academe, I have a massive pile of books and papers I need to read: books by friends, books … Continue reading

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What We Watch: a new tool for watching how popular videos spread online

More than a billion people a month visit YouTube to watch videos. Sometimes, those billion people watch the same video. More often, they don’t. YouTube shares information about what videos are popular in different cities and different countries, and for … Continue reading

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