April 11, 2006

Day 48: Still no word on Hao, Nina continues to blog

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On April 10th Hao’s sister Nina Wu wrote a new post, Experience:

Friends who have seen me and Haozi say we resemble each other: the same nose, the same eyes, the same lines on our faces when we smile.  Even some of our little motions are exactly the same.  Perhaps we are interlinked.  We both have our own “artistic dreams,” it’s just that the way we pursue them is different.  Haozi likes producing movies and writing, while I am passionately devoted to investment, an art form filled with regret.

When I went to the office to hand over my work, I was extremely disconsolate.  I poured my feelings and energy into this fund like it was my own second child, and I got along with the majority of my coworkers very well, but it had already come to this.  Without more discussion or consideration, I could only temporarily leave my beloved work.  I only hope that someday I can again begin to pursue my own dreams.

After Haozi disappeared, browsing the Internet and searching for related information became a mandatory daily class.  I have googled a great deal of information on “Hao Wu,” but I can’t visit many of the search results, especially addresses with .org suffixes.  Eight or nine out of ten will return “Impossible to display this webpage.”  I don’t know what kind of sensitive information these websites contain.  Before, I did not believe in “Internet censorship.”  This was because I used to visit mostly finance and investment websites, which rarely have problems.  Only when I faced a serious predicament did I discover that this was a real problem.

Today someone asked me about the effect of Haozi’s incident on me and other family members.  I think the most direct effect is that I began to be concerned about my own “rights” and the social problems that Haozi was concerned about.  Searching for Haozi is not just an event in my life, but a much more precious experience to me.

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