April 14, 2006

Day 50 final thought from Nina

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Late at night on April 12th before heading back to Beijing to continue to work for her brother’s release, Nina wrote of her admiration for Zeng Jinyan, the wife of recently-released AIDS activist Hu Jia.

Jinyan went away on a trip. It may be several days before I can read her blog again. When I read her blog, I feel ashamed of my inferiority. Her views on some problems are truly penetrating and incisive. Actually, I know that she used to think like an ordinary young woman, wanting the peaceful and stable life of a common person. It was her surroundings and experiences that changed her original intentions, making her pick up the pen and her tenacious will to defend her family and her ideals. I admire her compassion, her selfless contribution to AIDS work and even the earnest help she has offered to me and others with similar experiences. I admire her persistence. Who hasn’t considered doing volunteer work, myself included? For the majority, perhaps because they are busy, this thought ends there. Her gift is in persisting for years. I admire her determination as a young woman. She does not use the language of soaring aspirations, but in conversation with her, everything is permeated with firm comprehension of human life.

I have not yet had the opportunity to meet a vigorous and dynamic hero, but in my over thirty years of life I have had the good fortune of meeting all kinds of simple people who gain my admiration. They possess qualities that I did not or do not possess myself. It is because I met them, and derived nutrition from them, that I am who I am today. It is because they exist that I am not too disappointed with today’s society. After my brother disappeared, I had the chance to meet a broader spectrum of people, and more importantly realized the different potentials and merits of these people. Only by relying on the support of their individual strengths have I been able to make it to today…


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