April 18, 2006

Day 56: Hao’s 34th Birthday

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April 18th is Hao’s birthday - he’s spending it who knows where. Nina wrote the following birthday post:

Unable to access spaces.msn.com for six consecutive hours, which made made me very anxious. Because today is Haozi’s birthday, I would like to say on my blog an early “Happy Birthday, Little Bro”. This is the first time in thirty-plus years I haven’t been able to wish him a happy birthday either personally or by phone.

Several hours earlier, friends had gotten together for dinner. At the end, they came up one after another to give me a hug, as well as to whisper in my ear their early happy birthday wishes for Haozi. After having just returned to the apartment, another friend of Haozi came by with a little cake, because she knew April 18th is Haozi’s birthday. Even though he’s in some unknown place and unable to accept everyone’s blessings, she still hoped to express a little of her heartfelt sentiment. I knew I had to be strong. Tears were circling around the rims of my eyes, but in the end I did not let them fall.

Friends believe Haozi is upright and innocent, with nothing incriminating to trap him by. Everyone believes he will be out soon, which is why previously they had still shouted noisily: “After Haozi gets out we’ll have a party! Must give him a good ass-kicking.” Although later they no longer mentioned the matter of the party, they’re still making plans for his life “post-detention”. A few friends even sent over messages about job applications, hoping Haozi, after being freed, will be able to immediately use the busyness of work to temporarily forget the shadow of those times. Now, the deadlines for those applications have passed. Constable S’s original promise of having us wait out another month has also passed its deadline by 4 days (From a couple of days at the beginning, to a couple of weeks, to the later deadline of an extra month – they haven’t fulfilled their promise once.) No news whatsoever of little brother. Over at the side of the police it’s deathly quiet.

April 18th 2006 marks the 56th day Haozi disappeared from our lives. I’m afraid he never thought he would be spending another birthday of his adulthood in such an unique manner, in such an unique kind of a place. I even wonder — if he knows today is April the 18th, if he remembers that today is his birthday. In previous years, I would always select an item for his birthday gift with the utmost care; the worst had still been a birthday card. This year, I don’t know whether the following list can passably qualify as a blind gift to my brother:

* 3 inquiries to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang District Branch Foreign Police Station;
* 1 visit to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang District Branch;
* 3 visits to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (including once being barred outside the entrance of the PSB work building)
* 2 visits to Ministry of Public Security (one terminating outside the gates of the MPS on Changan Street, one terminating at Dongtanzi Hutong);
* 1 complaint reception at Beijing Municipal Government;
* 1 visit to Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate;
* 2 letters addressed to leadership, sent by express mail to Chief of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and to Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee of Politics and Law


* 19 entries in “Missing Haozi” weblog journal;
* Countless tears;
* Countless prayers;

But, shouldn’t include:

* 0 messages of official feedback from the government to the question of “Where is Haozi, why has Haozi disappeared?”

Haozi’s far-flung friends in the United States have spontaneously written letters to American congressmen, demanding that they pay attention the matter of Haozi’s unreasonable arrest. These past two days, e-mails have just come in – don’t know whether they count as birthday gifts from friends to Haozi or not?

Friends who are concerned about Haozi, if you would like to send Haozi birthday “gifts”, you can leave your sincere blessings in the comments box, along with dialing the following telephone numbers and inquiring a little into Haozi’s fate (you could tell them Haozi disappeared on February 2nd, 2006 and that presently neither relatives nor the lawyer can see him, that they don’t know where he is nor the reason behind his detainment):

Ministry of Public Security 86-10- 65139696

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau 86-10- 65246271

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang District Branch 86-10- 85953400

Beijing Foreign Police Station 86-10-65025557

Beijing Municipal Government 86-10-12345

Concerned friends of Hao can also click here to sign an online petition or participate in our letter-writing campaign.

Thanks once again to Nausicaa Smile for the translation.

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