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Travel surprises, the good kind

(Generally, only my heart is in Accra. This week, my body is too. Hence, posts that are a bit more travelogue, a bit less politics/ideas/musings. Hope no one minds.)

There’s good surprises and bad surprises when you arrive in another country. Bad surprises generally involve missing visas, missing luggage or bad cab rides. Good surprises are more unpredictable.

Arriving at Kotoka Airport in Accra yesterday, we had one of the nicest surprises I’ve ever had – an acapella serenade by local singing group, Manifest (pictured below.) Geekcorps’ assistant country director, Sam Larmie, is friendly with the group and has been bringing them to the airport to welcome new volunteers to Ghana. Travelling with new geek James Tsao, we got a custom welcome song, welcoming me and Andrew McLaughlin back to Ghana and James there for the first time.

After 24 hours in transit, soaked in sweat, surrounded by hundreds of other travellers finding their friends and families, it was a little surreal, but very much appreciated.