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Daoud Kuttab talk at Berkman

My friend Daoud Kuttab spoke at Berkman yesterday. Daoud’s an amazingly innovative journalist, blogger and media entrepreneur – I’ve written about him previously here and Xeni from Boing Boing has a piece here. His talk covered the history of Ammannet and its relationship to other journalism projects in the region, and he had a good deal of practical advice for Berkman as we start looking into doing more radio production.

I recorded his talk and the Q&A session that followed after. It’s available as a massive single MP3 (48MB) or as two (lower-quality) pieces, the talk and the following Q&A (15MB and 18MB respectively).

A warning – the talk was recorded in a relatively noisy room with people asking questions into a single mic – I’ve done my best to make it listenable, but it’s far from broadcast quality. Apologies in advance.