Greatest Hits

Here’s a selection of some of the most popular posts I’ve made in the last ten years, as well as some posts I’m especially fond of.

Cute Cats to the Rescue? – my “Cute Cat Theory” paper
Beyond the Crisis in Civics
Beyond Election Monitoring: Citizen Monitoring of Infrastructure

Unpacking Kony 2012
An Idea Worth at least 40 nanoKardashians of your Attention
The Tweetbomb and the Ethics of Attention
When the World is Your Dance Teacher
How Do We Make Civic Crowdfunding Awesome?
The Passion of Mike Daisey

What if Tunisia Had a Revolution, But Nobody Watched
CHI Keynote: Desperately Seeking Serendipity
Understanding #amina
Those White Plastic Chairs

Overcoming Political Polarization, But Not Through Facts

Internet Freedom: Beyond Circumvention
Makmende’s So Huge, He Can’t Fit into Wikipedia

Is Ad-Supported Journalism Viable?

The Polyglot Internet
The Cute Cat Theory Talk at ETech
Homophily, Serendipity, Xenophilia
Financial Models for Difficult Journalism
Innovation from Constraint
Mapping Infrastructure and Flow

The Art of Conference Blogging
Paper on Mobile Phones and Activism
Incremental Infrastructure, or how Mobile Phones Might Wire Africa

Just How Crazy is Joseph Kony?

Africa’s a Continent, Not a Crisis
Recovery 2.0 – The Early History of Katrina Peoplefinder

Behold the Power of String

Media Attention, the UN, Sean MacBride and “Ancient” Media History

4 Responses to Greatest Hits

  1. Teresa Thonney says:

    I recently enjoyed reading your article from a few years back:
    “Using the Internet to Examine Patterns of Foreign Coverage.” Nieman Reports, 2004.

    In that article, you mention that you would continue tracking the patterns you discuss in the article.
    Did you ever publish additional findings on your blog or elsewhere? If so, could you please direct me to the source?

    Teresa Thonney
    Pasco, WA

  2. Jim Collier says:

    I learned about you from your 2010 TED talk, and used that video in some media classes I taught at Ohio State while working on my PhD, which I finished last May. I just finished ‘Rewire’ and highly recommend it to anyone interested in new media or global communication. It is truly outstanding and forward thinking. I look forward to your follow-up work with Global Voices and will celebrate the day when language is genuinely transparent. Hope to meet and perhaps work with you some day.
    Jim Collier
    Columbus, OH

  3. Tami says:

    Your RSS updates button is not working. If you can sign me up I would
    appreciate it.

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