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More on the RSF guide for Bloggers

At Global Voices, we’ve heard from some friends in China that they’re having difficulty accessing the Reporters Sans Frontiéres “Guide for Bloggers and Cyberdissidents” from the rsf.org website – it’s apparently being blocked by some or all Chinese ISPs. While the guide has not been completely translated into Chinese, two articles are available in translation, Nart Villeneuve’s article on circumventing firewalls using proxy servers and my article on blogging anonymously – I’m mirroring both on my server and you can download them here: Circumvention; Anonymous Blogging.

Global Voices is hosting an IRC chat about the Guide on Tuesday, September 27th at 15:00 GMT (11:00 EDT) – I’ll be in channel along with editor Julien Pain, and we’re trying to round up a few other article authors to participate. Please join us in #globalvoices on irc.freenode.net – the announcement on Global Voices has more information, including instructions if you’re not a regular IRC user.

Update: Thomas Crampton, in the International Herald Tribune, has an article on the RSF guide, including comments from yours truly. Thanks, Tom.