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Enjoy the (comparative) silence

Forgive the (comparative) silence, friends – it’s been a busy week. I’m now in Boston at the blogger wedding of the century, the nuptials of Joey “Accordian Guy” DeVilla, and Wendy “Red” Koslow, officiated by the Reverend AKMA, and my beloved Velveteen Rabbi. While we’ve been forbidden from live-blogging the ceremony, I may cheat and post details to #joiito on irc.freenode.net from my cellphone as the ceremony takes place.

In lieu of any useful content here, let me point you to two things I’ve posted on WorldChanging recently, a review of the excellent “Brand New Justice” by Simon Anholt (more on this later this week on this blog) and a post that’s getting very silly comments regarding coconut-oil fueled cars

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