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Still Sleepless, No Longer in Sudan

Sleepless in Sudan, a brilliant blogger who has been chronicling her experiences as an aid worker in Darfur, Sudan, is going offline. She’s accepted a new position with her aid organization and will be deployed to a new location. She tells us she’s looking for another blogger in Darfur to continue her work documenting the conflict from within Sudan – my fingers are crossed as well, as Sleepless’s posts have helped thousands of people understand just what’s going on in Sudan every day as refugeed struggle for survival in poorly guarded camps, surrounded by Darfurian militants and Janjawid militias.

It’s ironic that Sleepless is leaving just when her blog is getting the recognition it deserves – it’s a nominee for this year’s Bloggie awards and has been recognized by Nick Kristoff in his commentaries in the New York Times. I have high hopes that Sleepless will be reporting from somewhere else in the world soon, and that someone will follow her excellent lead in blogging from Darfur. So long, Sleepless, and thanks for all the posts.