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My inspiring cousin

My cousin, Adam Zuckerman, was recently nominated for a remarkable honor – BeliefNet’s most inspiring person of 2006. The nomination recognizes the work he’s done in his hometown of Portland, ME, to call attention to the ongoing violence in Darfur. Adam ended up organizing a passover seder with a Darfur-focused haggadah which brought together local activists and refugees in the Portland community. He’s lobbied the Maine legislature and helped get the state government to divest from Sudan. The New York Times has featured his work, and Beliefnet calls him “one of the most outspoken advocates of the Darfuri cause in the U.S.”

Did I mention that he’s 18? And that he selected George Washington University in DC for his undergrad education because it puts him in Washington, DC, so he can lobby Congress without taking an 11-hour bus ride?

Yep. That’s pretty inspiring. Congrats, Adam, on all the work you’ve done and on the recognition you very much deserve.