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Love to all the bloggers…

There’s an amazing set of bloggers here at TED Global, including people who I’ve read and admired for years. There’s a great overview of these blogs on Technorati, which lists people using the TedGlobal2007 tag:

I’ve also had the chance to spend some time with some of these great folks, and hope to get more of a chance to hang out. Daudi is trying to organize a blogger lunch today, and I suspect I’ll be catching up with everyone’s posts for the next week or so. There’s a sense here that the conversations we often have in the African blogosphere are being opened to a much wider audience – we all owe Emeka a huge debt of gratitude for putting these questions for trade and aid, perceptions of Africa, the role of non-African nations in development on the table and into the conversation space.

I’d be lying if I told you I’d had the chance to read my fellow bloggers while at the conference, but here are the folks I’m going to be catching up with come Friday:

Ndesanjo Macha
Jen Brea
Daudi Were
Ory Okolloh
Rafiq and Ramon
David McQueen

Sorry to everyone I missed in this shoutout, and many, many thanks to Chris Anderson, Emeka Okafor, AMD, Google and GE for making it possible for so many of us to be here.