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Posts from the 2006 Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in Monterey, CA.

The 5-4-3 double play, or “The Art of Conference Blogging”

When I was about seven years old, my father taught me how to score a baseball game. We were probably in Florida, combining a trip to a spring training game with a visit to one of my grandmothers. He explained … Continue reading

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Twelve great talks to watch, and no excuses for being bored. (Or boring.)

I spent the last four days at a series of meetings for the Open Society Institute, a foundation I advise and serve on a sub-board for. The meetings were off-blog, but I can share one comment on the challenges facing … Continue reading

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TED Africa – Apply for a scholarship!

I was in NYC Wednesday night for the launch of the TED Africa conference. TED is a long-running technology conference, usually held in Monterrey, California, which attracts an amazing array of speakers and participants – I attended last year and … Continue reading

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Conference season

The leaves outside my office have turned a brilliant shade of orange-red. There’s a distinct chill in the air at night, and leaving the window open a crack makes the thick quilts on our bed mandatory, instead of decorative. Driving … Continue reading

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Your chance to watch the best of TED

There are a couple of conferences I’d go to every year if I could afford the ticket. (As it is, I go to them when folks are nice enough to ask me to speak or otherwise participate.) One of these … Continue reading

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Why TED said no to Bono

My friend Andrew Heavens – a photojournalist and blogger based in Addis Ababa – posted a useful and provocative question in reaction to a blog post I offered updating readers on Bono’s TED wishes and their success or failure. Awarded … Continue reading

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Other posts from TED

The pace of my blogging of the TED conference made it more or less impossible to point to other bloggers hard at work at the same event. Bruno Giussani also liveblogged the event – he and I spent Saturday lunch … Continue reading

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Summarizing TED

Tom Rielly has a very funny, very profane, very politically incorrect summary of the conference. Rather than attempting to replicate his unique performance, replete with armies of barbie dolls, powerpoint slides, and references to a “crade to crade scream bag”, … Continue reading

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Someone buy Vinod Khosla some Ethanol

Legendary venture capitalist Vinod Khosla gives a three minute talk about ethanol powered “flex fuel” cars. He tells us that Brazil has adopted ethanol fueled cars in an amazing way – they’ve gone from 4% to 70% of all new … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s standup routine

Songwriter Jill Sobule was challenged to write an appropriate song to introduce Al Gore. She’s got a pretty little ditty with the chorus “Everyone’s out in merry Manhattan in January”. Al Gore’s the comedy relief. No, seriously. He’s really, really … Continue reading

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