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Putting a face on XDR-TB

Last summer, Center for Disease Control officials quarrantined a man who’d flown from Atlanta to Prague via Paris, despite being ordered not to travel. CDC officials knew – though the man did not – that he was infected with XDR-TB … Continue reading

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The 5-4-3 double play, or “The Art of Conference Blogging”

When I was about seven years old, my father taught me how to score a baseball game. We were probably in Florida, combining a trip to a spring training game with a visit to one of my grandmothers. He explained … Continue reading

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Twelve great talks to watch, and no excuses for being bored. (Or boring.)

I spent the last four days at a series of meetings for the Open Society Institute, a foundation I advise and serve on a sub-board for. The meetings were off-blog, but I can share one comment on the challenges facing … Continue reading

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Big news from Cameron Sinclair and Architecture for Humanity

My friend Cameron Sinclar was one of the receipients of the TED Prize last year for his work on Architecture for Humanity, a network of architects around the world dedicated to sharing innovative designs for the benefit of the poor … Continue reading

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Conference or Auto Show?

There are aspects of the TED conference that feel more like an auto show than a technology conference. In the “simulcast lounge” – a huge room beneath the actual TED stage, where those of us who blog the conference tend … Continue reading

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8:30 AM might, indeed, be too early to rock

I’m flying from San Jose to Austin today, departing directly from the last morning of TED to join South by Southwest, already in progress. I’m expecting a bit of culture shock – SXSW tends to be as democratic, informal and … Continue reading

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Let the women lead!

The last two presentations I’m going to catch at TED are two utterly remarkable women, Tracy Chapman and Isabelle Allende. The topic of the session is passion, and the two rise to the occasion. Chapman tells us that she wants … Continue reading

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Considering connections

Jan Chipchase is a user anthropologist for Nokia, who also writes a lovely (photo)blog, Future Perfect. His talk is about connectivity – specifically the connectivity of the mobile phone, which connects 3 billion of the world’s 6.3 billion people, and … Continue reading

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Remembering Grandpa Charles

Eames Demetrios is the grandchild of Charles and Ray Eames, one of America’s most celebrated design and architecture teams. Will Wright invoked the Eames film “Powers of Ten” in his talk about Spore – Eames designs have had a profound … Continue reading

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Humble Design

Paola Antonelli is the design curator for the New York Museum of Modern Art, MOMA. She understands that most people don’t come to the museum to see the design, but she’s mounted remarkable shows, like Humble Masterpieces, which was at … Continue reading

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