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Book review: “The Bottom Billion” by Paul Collier

I’ve got a hip-high pile of books by my bedside, including several manuscripts written by good friends. But after Paul Collier’s talk at TED, his book moved to the top of the pile, and I spent a rainy Saturday diving … Continue reading

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Post-conference kerfuffle

After TED (and a tiny bit of BIL), I got about as far from my computer as I could get. My friends Nate and Ari were launching their new business – Scream Sorbet – and I spent Sunday hauling coolers … Continue reading

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From TED to BIL

35,000 words? Just a warmup. There’s another conference in town, and just try and stop me from blogging it. (Please. Please stop me before I type again…) Actually, they almost did. BIL put an announcement on their site saying they … Continue reading

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TED2008: Geldolf asks for help

Three hundred TED attendees haven’t been with us in Monterey – they’re in Apsen, Colorado, where they’ve watched most of the sessions on simulcast. But there are some amazing performers there as well – Jill Sobule, Ze Frank, Rives, and … Continue reading

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TED2008: Liberals, conservatives and moral humility

Tom Rielly, TED’s director of sponsorship and standup comic, planned not to offer a satirical summary of this year’s conference. He bows to popular demand and takes the stage as “Tom Rielly unplugged.” He tells us his preparation included, “72 … Continue reading

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TED2008: John Francis walks the walk

And then there was one. Bruno is sitting upstairs, so we can see him onstage later this morning. Mark left yesterday to take care of family matters. And as we head into the bottom of the ninth at this year’s … Continue reading

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TED2008: Al Gore with solutions

Singer, ukelele player and pianist Nellie McKay gives the impression of the fluttering femme fatale, but she’s got quite a voice. She’s received very warmly by some of the TED crowd, and sends others out of the room. She closes … Continue reading

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TED2008: Paul Collier – Compassion and enlightened self-interest

Dr. Paul Collier, an economist from Oxford, is a provocative thinker on one of the topics I’m most concerned about – why extreme poverty endures. He’s in a tough position, sandwiched between Ben Zander’s astoundingly popular performance last night, and … Continue reading

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TED2008: Innovation in the morning

Entrepreneur Ben Kaufman and his company, Kluster, have been working almost as hard as Bruno and I. To showcase their online collaboration software, they’ve decided to brainstorm, design and launch a new product within 72 hours. 2700 people participated from … Continue reading

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TED2008: Chris Abani – Forgetting their names

Chris Abani wasn’t the last speaker of the day, but he kicks so much ass, I’m blogging him last. Chris Anderson introduces him, saying, “Ten minutes into the student production Abani was participating in, the soldiers came in. They gave … Continue reading

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