April 3, 2006

Day 41: Nina corrects misperceptions, responds to naysayers

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On April 3rd Nina wrote:

Firm beliefs

As Hao Wu’s relative, I originally wanted to keep a low profile. But once I realized that the situation was already out of my control, remaining silent became impossible. Especially because of some ambiguities in articles from media outlets and blogs, we believe that we need to say a few things:

1. Hao Wu is not a “believer” or a “Christian.” Until his detention he had never held any religious beliefs.

2. Hao Wu is not a media worker. He is just an independent filmmaker and a blogger.

3. Hao Wu does not have political tendencies. He just truthfully expresses his views on certain social problems.

4. The authorities have not yet provided a reason for detaining Hao Wu. His relatives believe that he is completely innocent.

As family members and friends search for Hao Wu, shadows of those who do not care about Haozi appeared among the ranks.

When appeals to “Free Hao Wu” first appeared on the Internet, I visited some of the relevant sites. In the comments, “C:”, who is from an unknown location, for unknown reasons wrote “Trash like Hao Wu should be detained earlier.” Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to seek enlightenment from “C:” face-to-face. Today I want to use this blog to have a discussion with him or her:

1. Every person, no matter in which corner of the planet they reside, has his or her own dignity, and cannot be absurdly referred to as “trash”, right?

2. This Mr. or Ms. “C:”, besides this part of the comment, does not mention Hao Wu in any other way. I wonder whether he or she has seen Haozi’s movies or read his articles? If not, then logically speaking, isn’t this unreasonably jumping to conclusions?

3. If even Haozi is classified as a kind of “trash”, how many people on the planet are left standing?

4. Whether to detain someone is not the decision of this sir or madam, nor can it be decided by Hao’s relatives or any individual. Instead, it should be decided according to the law, following legal procedures. Today, not a single related agency has provided a legitimate explanation [for Hao Wu’s detention]. Can this sir or madam offer the reasons for Hao Wu’s detention from a legal perspective?

Before dawn today, I visited http://ethanzuckerman.com/haowu. I discovered that a “Jessica Copeland” has been extremely active, but her interest was not in my brother, but rather in Guantanamo detainees. In fact:

1. The majority of participants in the discussion and I believe that detention of those in Guantanamo is inappropriate. Continuing to discuss this is meaningless.

2. When criticizing something that is wrong, how can you turn a blind eye to another wrong that is currently under discussion? If the US government did trample on the rights of Guantanamo detainees, can the Chinese police ignore the rights of Hao Wu and his family?

3. Without any conclusive factual foundation, on what do you base your conclusion that the Hao Wu case hides other secrets? Is it possible that she has her own sources of information?

As Haozi’s sister, I believe in Haozi’s conduct, and I believe he has never done anything to harm other people or society. As my family and I search for Haozi, we have the support of many friends. We do not know in which year and which month we will learn of his freedom. We do not know when we will see him again. But our faith in Haozi will support us to the end.


  1. Hao Wu and Abdul Rahman…

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  2. Comfort Nina! We all wish the best for you and Hao.

    Comment by s — April 3, 2006 @ 8:57 pm

  3. Nina, our hearts are with you. There will always be fools like Jessica and C, seeking to get a cheap thrill by deriding the grief of others, and they need to be ignored. No one who thinks for him or herself will every give such people the slightest consideration.

    Please keep us posted, and tell us if there is anything more we can do.

    Comment by richard — April 4, 2006 @ 6:27 am

  4. Nina, many thanks for keeping us updated and for expressing your thoughts with such clarity and strength. Our thoughts are with you and your family and with Haozi.

    Comment by Other Lisa — April 4, 2006 @ 6:37 am

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