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Hopes and fears before the DRC elections

My friend Sokari Ekine has an excellent overview of the situation in the DRC leading up to Sunday’s elections. She points out the complexities of the situation: less violence than anyone expected, perhaps due to the presence of 17,000 UN … Continue reading

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Credit Where Credit’s Due

Dear readers, I could use your help. Every so often, someone asks me to nominate smart people to speak at a conference, win a prize, or generally get some sort of public recognition. I know a lot of people who … Continue reading

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Kunda Dixit on internet publishing in Nepal

Kunda Dixit, the publisher of the Nepali Times, mentions that it’s an appropriate time for him to be speaking at this conference, “as my country is in flames.” He notes that it’s a bit embarrasing that he was able to … Continue reading

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The end of an era

This makes me a little sad – Western Union is no longer providing telegram delivery services. In the era of mobile phones and email, telegrams are more than a little old-fashioned and I suspect very few people will miss their … Continue reading

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Maidan and the Revolutionary Internet in Ukraine

Andrij “Andy” Ihnatov is the president of Ukranian non-governmental organization Maidan International, a key player in the Ukranian Orange Revolution. Started in 2002, Maidan is one of two key political websites in Ukraine. And Andy tells us that the other … Continue reading

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Lakoff speaks at Williams

Despite living twenty minutes drive from Williams College, and my pattern of getting my coffee and mail in Williamstown, I rarely come to Williams to attend academic lectures. It’s just habit – Harvard is where I go for lectures, while … Continue reading

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Katrina PeopleFinder

Thanks to everyone who’s offered help on the Katrina PeopleFinder project. As of this morning, more than 68,000 records had been created in the database by over 2,100 volunteers – this is an amazing example of people’s willingness to lend … Continue reading

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Update on Katrina Data Entry

We got amazing turnout of data entry volunteers yesterday afternoon. At one point, we likely had about 100 people entering data simultaneoulsy. That was a good and bad thing – the server running the database crashed under the load, and … Continue reading

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Relief Efforts

My friend Andy Carvin is organizing International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day today, encouraging bloggers around the world to link to and discuss disaster relief efforts, not just on the US gulf coast, but around the world: efforts to rebuild … Continue reading

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Happy 3108!

Israeli blogger Nir Ofir had an excellent idea about two months ago. Squinting at his screen a little bit, he decided the number 3108 (31/08, or August 31st in almost every country but the US) looked a lot like the … Continue reading

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