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I’m happy to announce the launch of BlogAfrica, a new project intended to ensure that the blogosphere includes perspectives from and about Africa. The BlogAfrica project includes a catalog of Africa-focused blogs, hosted by our friends at allafrica.com. It’s a great starting place for people interested in reading African blogs, and anyone writing a blog from Africa, or with a focus on Africa is invited to list their blog there. We’ll also be promoting great Africa-centric blogs on BlogAfrica starting in the next few days.

BlogAfrica’s not just about recognizing the blogs that are out there. We’re also working on helping people in Africa get blogging. Andrew McLaughlin, Teresa Peters of Bridges.org and I will be travelling to Ghana from January 9th to 20th and offering free workshops on blogging at cybercafes and universities in Ghana. We’re very interested in having other bloggers join us on this trip, both to help teach workshops and to share their impressions of Ghana with their readers. If you think you might be interested, please read more about the trip on BlogAfrica and contact me at ethan@geekcorps.org.

Long-term, BlogAfrica will be providing hosting space for African weblogs. With space from Geekcorps, we’re already providing blogspace for some volunteers in Africa – in the near future, we hope to be providing space for African bloggers as well.

If this idea captures your imagination, please check out the blogs listed on the blog catalog, get in touch with me to see how you could get involved, and blog about it!