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The Curse of the Over-Full Life

I’m barely a day removed from Ghana and there’s half a dozen stories I still want to tell. But now I’m in Davos, encountering dozens of other fascinating people and there’s the danger of the new stories crowding out the old.

While listening to the very wealthy and very powerful talk about the rest of the world in very, very abstract terms, I’ve had the great experience of watching posts from the Accra BlogAfrica posts come in. I’ll link to a few of them on the main BlogAfrica site, but here’s one that came in as a comment, rather than directly posted on a blog:

Permitte me to blog on one of me concerns.

Blog Readers, just stop for a second to wread this blog of my concern bassed on Real story.

Please be the best advicer for yourself and don’t loss the world of your compititions .Your generations a going far miles away, toward their targets,their middle class-status. Please be awake to the killer diseased ,distroyer of our home,properties,resposibilies,our farmily the world as large.

“ People will only realise there is a problem

when they start to see their friends and

colleagues dying of AIDS.”

Frank was the handsum guy in my gernerations and the women lover boy during our childhood.

He start to pratices unsafe sex when he was 7years old by then it was nothing to all off us but he become used to it and what he hait must in a women was women who always mention condom to him. He alwas said to the women, “just once”. i know Frank,(kwesi) personally in kotobabi where we grew together and attended the same kotobabi 1-2 primary school. He is always on a quest to have sex with 1000 women before he got married. His mom/dad,friends,teachers,colleage and his family even setup a pastors to pray for him on several occations that his womanizing was no real said the pastors it was ther work of the evil to the distroctions of his life. Oooh ! Kwasi.

As his best friend, i spoke to him many times about the risks and stuff but he doesn’t want to listen and the worse in all that is the fact that he doesn’t always us protection, he says that it kills the vibe and the sensation and… and the worst is the fact he is willing to sleep with any kind of women…and he always have a heart desie for every woman he saw. so, just to make the equation, if this guy is HIV positive then all the time he has one night stand he doesn’t use protection he gives it to these women who doesn’t know that they are infected and then go around and spread it to other one night standers, boyfriends, husband… and the worst of it all is that he doesn’t want to go and be tested. so no one knows what he is spreadind around in Kotobabi/Accra. Frank died when he was at the age of 24y/o.The most painful death we all don’t want to see again and among the youth of my generations who new frank in the real world, its a big advice u know?

i think that it is easy to spread something like that Ghana since it is such a small country and one person can have a really bad chain reaction.

“Many west africa contries , One nigerian/south Africa”

I see HIV/AIDS and would like to blog to my brothers and sisters the world as large that HIV/AIDS is for real, its not just name named by the proffesional doctors or a common cold .

Folks, “stop this HIV/AIDS” this is a story of my friends who was inffected by the killer dease .

Frank, he died without reaching his middle class-status.

Frank the most handsum guy i know in my generation.

(Based on Real story)

Thanks to the lectures who introduce me to this wonderfull workshop. I’m going to let you hear

of me,cause you push me through u know. Be part of the team work sound great and succesfully to me

Posted by Fuseini at January 20, 2004 01:23 PM