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It’s all about the Benjamin

When two of the web’s smartest thinkers note a visual resemblence between you and a certain plump, bald founding father, should you be flattered, or call the guys at Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to schedule a makeover?

Alas, guys, you’re not the first to note the resemblance. Brad Stegner of the Willamette Weekly beat you to the punch the last time I was brave enough to show up to an O’Reilly conference. And my loving wife found a Ben Franklin action figure to go in my Christmas stocking.

My one consolation – ol’ Ben was a smart dude. He found time to invest bifocals, swim fins, the glass harmonica, a high-efficiency stove and the post office, while helping draft the declaration of independence and serving as the US’s first foreign service officer. Perhaps it’s time to by a small pair of wire rims and proudly embrace my secret identity…