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Sufficiently clever enough to get myself into trouble

My three readers have probably noticed that the design of this blog has changed – indeed, more than once in the past 48 hours. I had decided to formally change the blog title to “…My Heart is In Accra” and decided I’d go a step further and change the colors a bit.

What I failed to realize is that on Radio, Themes cover more than just a blog’s appearance – they affect functionality as well. So I inadvertantly deleted my blogroll, my bio, a few other things… and according to Owukori, have managed to turn off the ability for folks to comment. Grr.

I’m talking with folks at Berkman about rolling back the blog to previous settings. If that’s not possible, I’ll try to rebuild functionality within this design. And I think I may have figured out the comment problem – if you are so inclined, feel free to see if you can add a comment to this post and, if you can’t, drop me a line at blogmisery AT ethanzuckerman.com