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Phoneblogging from Harvard

I’m at Harvard’s Weblogs, Journalism and Credibility conference today and tomorrow. It’s an odd conference – the conference blog was very rowdy before the conference, then the morning of the conference was pretty slow. Now, in the PM, we’re starting to liven things up a bit.

Andy Carvin has done a great job of linking together a couple of tools to allow folks to audioblog the conference. I interviewed him over my phone a couple of minutes ago and posted the results to his joint audioblog – feel free to check it out. (It’s also enclosed within this post, which may mean it can show up in your aggregator…)

If this technology gets better – and more pervasive – I can imagine it being a really big deal in the developing world. For the price of a phonecall, I’m able to post voice to an arbitrary blog. If I could set up a server to do this in Ghana, I bet things would get very interesting very quickly…