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How did that happen?

A great story from Ory from her recent travels in Kenya:

• Conversation I had in Kenya (actually this took place more than once):

◦ Curious Kenyan: So you are at Harvard, it must be really hard to get into Harvard?

◦ Kenyan Pundit: Yes it is pretty hard.

◦ Curious Kenyan: So you can’t bribe someone to get in?

◦ Kenyan Pundit: No, not really.

◦ Curious Kenyan: You mean, even if your relative is the person in charge of admissions they can’t hook you up?

◦ Kenyan Pundit: No (with a longer explanation why)

◦ Curious Kenyan: So how did George Bush get into Harvard?

◦ Kenyan Pundit: Uuummmm…