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Amy Gahran runs with the idea… and gets feedback from CSM…

Amy Gahran of Contentious was kind enough to blog my Christian Science Monitor idea yesterday both on her blog and on Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits. And she went a wonderful step forward and asked Tom Regan, who runs CSM’s blogging, including his excellentMy American Experience blog, what he thought about my declaration of CSM’s blogginess. His answer includes the following:

That “mission” of the Monitor is every bit as important as making money – in fact, I can say after being here 10 years that it’s often more important than making money. It’s the reason I’m still here, since I’m not a Christian Scientist and have no link to the church other than I greatly enjoy working for its publishing arm.

We understand how the Internet helps us accomplish this goal, and that blogs are like a multiplier of the effect. As you said in your Poynter blog item, we also believe it’s going to help the bottom line in the long run as well.

But you should really read Amy’s whole post. Thanks, Amy for taking this idea and running with it. I guess this means I should actually finish the damned research this weekend, huh?

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