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Global Voices Gains Momentum

The Global Voices weblog is rapidly becoming a great starting point for news from around the international blogosphere. Much of the credit goes to my colleage Rebecca MacKinnon, who has been banging out excellent world blog roundups each weekday. But we’re also getting terrific input from regional blog roundups, notably Ory Okolloh’s Kenya blog roundup, and Mack Zulkifli’s Southeast Asia blog roundup.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be running more in-depth profiles of bloggers, as we try to rally the Global Voices team to feature the blogs nominated for awards in the Reporters Sans Frontieres Freedom of Expression blog contest. Please take a moment to vote in the RSF contest, and make sure you keep your eyes on Global Voices as it continues to get bigger and better.

2 thoughts on “Global Voices Gains Momentum”

  1. I’ll agree with you that the Global Voices group blog is getting better and better, and the World Blog Daily Roundup feature is excellent and really helps me to learn what top bloggers around the globe are doing (myself not included, of course).

    After a brief visit to the Reporters w/o Borders Freedom Blog Awards site I was shocked! Maybe I missed something but for one RSF and Deutsche Welle have lumped blog nominations for Africa & The Middle East into one category (as if it is some company’s sales territory or something), and then to add insult-to-injury 9 out of the 10 blogs listed are authored by people in (or from) Middle-Eastern or North African countries.

    So what are these guys smoking? My own blogroll has a better listing of blogs by Africans or blogs which cover African issues (i.e. your blog) than the nominees selected by RSF. When did RSF & Deutsche Welle call for nominations, and where did they advertise?

  2. I’m with you, BRE – the Awards list leaves out a lot of great blogs I would have included. I think this has something to do with RSF’s focus on blogs and bloggers who’ve been under legal threat. That leads to a lot of Iranian blogs and perhaps less attention to parts of the globe that you and I pay a lot of attention to. Still, I think it’s worth featuring the blogs that RSF has found – they’re important and interesting voices, so we’re going to try to learn a bit more about them.

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