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On hold with Chris Lydon…

Chris Lydon is back on the air after a multiple-year hiatus of taking his show to the web. He’s recording the second pilot of his new radio show, Open Source, today, to be distributed by PRI.

I’m on hold right now, listening to him interview Rebecca MacKinnon, Hossein Derakhshan and a grab-bag of bloggers from around the world. I’ll try to come up with two or three coherent sound-bytes later in the hour, talking about recent research on media attention in the blogosphere… all of which is complicated a bit by my jetlag. (Yep, even after almost a decade of this lifestyle, I still find coming back from Japan screws up my sleep cycle.)

Now Ndesanjo Macha is on the line – cool! He makes the excellent point that his blog doesn’t need to reach Tanzanian farmers – he just needs to reach journalists and radio DJs in Tanzania to get his ideas and messages out. I’m interested to see who else Chris and Mary found from the Global Voices crew. And I’m thrilled to hear voices like Hoder’s and Ndesanjo’s on the air…

Update – the audio of our hourlong conversation is available here, in mp3.

I was thrilled to meet Kathy Gill at the WWW conference in Chiba. She gave a useful and interesting talk about how newspapers have and haven’t adopted RSS. She observes, helpfully, that the papers who haven’t adopted RSS have make their decisions on editorial grounds, not on technical ones, as other papers within the same ownership structure have enabled RSS. I’m very anxious to try to correlate my LpkC work to her lists of what papers do and don’t enable RSS.

Kathy did a nice job of covering my keynote address, as well as posting audio of everyone’s talks on her podcast. Thanks, Kathy!

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