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Let me buy you dinner…

Okay, I’m just back from Italy, and now I’m planning the next trip. Here’s something I just posted to Global Voices, inviting friends in South Africa and Jordan to dinner. If you’re going to be in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Amman, please let me know either on comments on this post or via email… would love to meet you in person.

While it’s been great fun to virtually meet people around the world through their blogs, it’s always more fun to meet people in person.

Especially when food is involved.

So we’re starting a series of “Global Voices Blogger Dinners”, to be held whenever those of us working on Global Voices are lucky enough to travelling around the world.

Our selfish goal with the dinners is to learn a little bit more about the local blogging scene, associate faces with blogs, make some friends and, possibly, do some interviews and podcasts. What’s in it for you? Well, we buy dinner…

I’ll be hosting the first three dinners in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Amman in late July. The Jo’burg dinner is tentatively July 20th; the Cape Town dinner is tentatively July 21st – in both those cases, I could really use help picking a venue and identifying great bridgebloggers to invite.

The Amman dinner is on July 28th at 7:30pm at Wild Jordan in Jabal Amman – my friend Isam Bayazidi (the man behind Jordan Planet) is helping me organize the gathering, and we’ll be enjoying great food and quite possibly the best view in the Middle East.

In all three cases, if you’re interested in attending or helping me organize, please drop me a line at ethan AT ethanzuckerman DOT com. Keep your eyes open for pictures, stories and interviews from the dinners in the next few weeks.

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