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African bloggers cover the G-8!

UK NGO Panos has done something very exciting – they’ve brought a group of top African journalists to Edinburgh to cover the G-8 summit, and are rounding up blog entries from their writers on a blog called Africavox. The stories are also being featured in the free newspaper, Metro, which should give them excellent reach to a UK audience.

One of the writers on the trip is my friend Ndesanjo Macha, who is blogging the trip on one of his blogs, Digital Africa. (He’s blogging it on his main blog, Jikomboe as well, but I don’t read Kiswahili and the majority of my readers don’t either…) Ndesanjo’s first piece for Metro – on the McDonaldization of the anti-globalization movement is (unsurprisingly) excellent. I’m very grateful to Panos that we’re going to have the perspectives of great African journalists at this G-8 summit and very much looking forward to keeping up with the Africavox bloggers.