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Slingshot: Meet the Palestine Lyrical Front

In a pile of recent (terrific!) posts on Roba Al-Assi’s blog, “And Far Away” (don’t miss the one about her pink hair) is a great post about the rise of hip hop culture in Jordan and throughout the Middle East. … Continue reading

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What if Tanja got it right?

When Niger’s president Mamadou Tanja declared that his nation wasn’t facing a famine, but local food shortages, his statements were met with widespread skepticism. (See my earlier post, “When is a famine not a famine?”) BBC’S Henri Astier has followed … Continue reading

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¡Felíz Blog Day!

¡Hola, mis amigos de VidaExtra! Bienvenidos a mi blog, “Mi Corazón Es En Accra.” ¡Felíz World Blog Day! Soy un erudito en el colegio del abogados en Harvard University. Escribo sobre todo sobre tecnología, weblogs y África. Viví en Ghana … Continue reading

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Happy 3108!

Israeli blogger Nir Ofir had an excellent idea about two months ago. Squinting at his screen a little bit, he decided the number 3108 (31/08, or August 31st in almost every country but the US) looked a lot like the … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Berkshire Summer, Preserved in Vinegar

My friend and neighbor Jennifer Mattern maintains a consistently hilarious and often poignant parenting blog, Breed ‘Em and Weep. She turns her considerable talents this week towards talking about some of what makes our part of the world (Berkshire County, … Continue reading

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Iraq and the Death Toll for Journalists

The recent shooting of Waleed Khaled, a soundman for Reuters TV, by US military snipers in Iraq is a terrible reminder of how dangerous the war has been not just for military and civilians, but for journalists. (The cameraman accompanying … Continue reading

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Time for a switch

It’s late summer and change seems to be in the air. Perhaps it’s that students are heading back into classrooms, or that my European friends are coming back from month-long vacations, or that in America, the baseball season will soon … Continue reading

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Posting from the Puget Sound

I’m on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, Washington, at the moment, participating in a board meeting and planning retreat for I’ve been a spotty contributor to WorldChanging over the past year, but have been trying to do my part, … Continue reading

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The plight of the bilingual blogger…

A confession: like many bloggers, I go through stretches where I compulsively check my “status” – the number of other bloggers linking to this blog and my resulting position on the “A-List” (or in my case, C- or D-List) of … Continue reading

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Out of gas in Darfur…

Sleepless in Sudan breaks the news that Humanitarian Air Service, the no-cost “airline” operated by the UN’s World Food Programme to deliver aid workers to refugee camps throughout the Darfur region of Sudan, as well as in Afghanistan and Iraq. … Continue reading

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