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A Tale of Two Protests

On the night of October 27th, a group of activists – Free Culture @ NYU – took to the mean streets of New York City to protest the presence of DRM (digital rights management) technology on CDs sold by Sony … Continue reading

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Say it Loud…

“What do you do for fun around here?” That’s the question new hires to Tripod, the web company I helped found in Williamstown, MA, used to ask when they moved to our 8,000 person college town to join in the … Continue reading

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Côte d’Ivoire – You can go your own way?

As President Laurent Gbagbo heads towards the end of his five year term, it’s possible that violence may flare in Côte d’Ivoire, which has been functionally divided since a flawed election in 2002. Presidential polls have been postponed, and Gbagbo … Continue reading

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Lakoff speaks at Williams

Despite living twenty minutes drive from Williams College, and my pattern of getting my coffee and mail in Williamstown, I rarely come to Williams to attend academic lectures. It’s just habit – Harvard is where I go for lectures, while … Continue reading

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The Medical Brain Drain from Africa… to rural America

One of the perpetual debates in the African blogosphere is the significance of the “brain drain”. Well-educated Africans are often able to emigrate to North America or Europe, where their skills are in demand. On the one hand, this emigration … Continue reading

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Blogging makes it big

This blogging thing might actually be for real. Important people are starting to blog. Big people. Really, really big people. Komusubi Futenho‘s got a blog. It’s in Japanese, which I don’t read, but Jeshii has offered some translations. The post … Continue reading

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October Snow

Winter in the Berkshires can quite easily stretch from October through May. We’ve had snow at our house as late as June 1st – I have photos somewhere of snow coating our tulips. And we often get dustings of snow … Continue reading

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Looking at Africa, from Camden, Maine

When you hold a conference on changing the world for the better in rural Camden, Maine, it’s a challenge to ensure that your audience is a diverse one. The price tag of a conference like Pop!Tech keeps some people away, … Continue reading

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“Backwards and in High Heels” – Ndesanjo Macha blogs Pop!Tech in Kiswahili

I tried to blog the recently past Pop!Tech conference in a bit more detail than I normally would, in part because David Weinberger decided to take this year off. I often rely on David’s near-transcript summaries of conferences I don’t … Continue reading

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Leading the Flock

Bart Decrem, one of the folks behind the Get Firefox campaign, and a founder of digital divide organization Plugged In, is now working on a new project called Flock. Flock is a new web browser. As he points out, a … Continue reading

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