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BlogAfrica’s back…

BlogAfrica’s back.

Thanks to lots of hard work by Boris Anthony, blog designer to the stars, we’ve moved the aggregator from AllAfrica’s servers over to one of mine. (To be very clear – Boris gets credit for making it work, along with the fine folks behind Reblog. I get the blame for making it ugly…)

Not all blogs survived the move – Sokari Ekine and I are adding several dozen more to the aggregator over the next couple of days. If by early next week, your blog was in the earlier site and isn’t in the current one, let me know (a comment here would work) and we’ll get it added again.

There’s almost a hundred African and Afrophile blogs in the aggregator at present – it can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s a great overview of the conversations taking place in and around Africa. Consider subscribing to the feed if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “BlogAfrica’s back…”

  1. My pleasure Ethan.
    I’m thinking maybe an upgrade to reBlog 2.0 is in order.. that way we can tag feeds with country names and such.. and then provide live feeds based on those too…
    (Still thinking GVO down the road here… ;)

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