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Great summary of our session on Friday

I usually try to blog conference sessions I attend, because it’s rare that a journalist will provide a full blow-by-blow of what transpired. But Mithre Sandrasagra, writing for Inter Press in Johannesburg did an astounding job of summarizing our session on NGO security, filtering circumvention and anonymous blogging at WSIS. Thanks, Mithre, and thanks also for the closing quote about the difficulties we had holding both our sessions:

The Tunisian authorities attempted to shut down the ‘Expression under Repression’ panel Thursday, Margreet van Doodewaard, Programme Officer for Information and Communications Technology at Hivos, told TerraViva. “Rita Dulci Rahman, the Dutch Ambassador to Tunisia and a high-ranking International Telecommunication Union officer intervened and luckily we were able to keep things going,” van Doodewaard said.