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Bridging across Central Europe

My colleague Jerzy Celichowski just brightened my day by pointing me to his bridge blog. Inspired by last year’s Global Voices meeting at Harvard, he decided that he’d blog about his life in Hungary in his native Polish. I don’t speak a word of Polish, so I can’t vouch for the contents of the blog, but given the fact that Jerzy’s a bright, funny, observant guy, I have to imagine it’s worth reading.

One of my big hopes for this year’s Global Voices gathering is that we’ll start talking about ways for Global Voices to reach beyond English. Bridgeblogging should be about more than bridging between English and other languages – we should be finding ways to feature bridges between Latin American nations in Spanish, and blogs like Jerzy’s, building links across Central Europe. I don’t know if this points to a polyglot GV site, or a new crop of regional, language focused-aggregators… or something else entirely. Should be fun to find out.

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