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What do you know about Africa?

Jorn Barger, who is kind enough to regularly amplify posts on my blog on his weblog “Robot Wisdom”, wrote to me a few weeks ago with a great suggestion: An online quiz that helped readers figure out what they did … Continue reading

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It’s official – there’s now a sumo category on the blog.

I’m on my winter vacation from now until January 5th, which means, according to the circular I just got in the mail from the International Bloggers Union, Local 137, I’m not required to post every day and I’m encouraged to … Continue reading

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Four stories from around the continent…

Two days without opening my laptop – now that’s a vacation. Logging on again today, four Africa stories that caught my eye: – “Ghana’s Uneasy Embrace of Slavery’s Diaspora”. Lydia Polgreen, writing in the New York Times, has a useful … Continue reading

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12 Good Reasons to Learn Chinese

I’ve just submitted a revision of a paper I wrote in early September for inclusion as part of an academic book. It’s an attempt to provide a basic overview of blogging – and specifically bridgeblogging – around the world and … Continue reading

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The Economist on “comparative poverty”

The current edition of the Economist has an interesting “special report” on “the poor” that draws some comparisons between rural Kentucky and urban Democratic Republic of Congo as a study of “relative poverty”. I can’t help thinking that the article … Continue reading

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Short day, short posts

It’s the shortest day of the year and I’m feeling very short on time as I try to wrap up projects that absolutely, positively have to be completed by this weekend’s holiday. The two that are keeping me up at … Continue reading

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Time for Weah to leave the pitch

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf would have a tough path ahead of her even if George Weah would get out of her way. Governing a nation without running water, widespread electricity, navigable roads outside the capital or a functioning economy would be a … Continue reading

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419, Chicken and Cambodian textiles – or “Fair Trade is Hard”

Christian Science Monitor has two excellent West Africa stories today. One comes from my friend Abe McLaughlin in Nigeria, where he talks to some of the “yahoo-yahoo boys” – kids who make their living sending millions of advance fee fraud … Continue reading

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Learning to Count

President Bush’s statement acknowledging 30,000 civilian casualties in the war in Iraq has been, predictably, getting a great deal of play in the blogosphere today. I’m not a regular reader of US political blogs, so my apologies if I’m making … Continue reading

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Third Weblogging Ecosystem Workshop – Edingburgh, May 2006

I had the great good fortune to participate in the second annual Weblogging Ecosystem workshop earlier this year at the WWW 2005 conference in Chiba, Japan – it was a terrific day-long meeting filled with interesting papers and gave me … Continue reading

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