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Robots invade Jamaica…

My friend Marvin Hall has been working with middle school students from the Kingston, Jamaica neighborhood of Jones Town. The kids learned robotics, working with Lego Mindstorms, preparing for the First Lego League competition in northern California. Until the day of the trip, it wasn’t clear whether the team would get travel funding or visas to travel to San Jose and compete against top Californian teams. But ultimately Scotiabank stepped up as a sponsor and the team had the chance to compete. They were awarded a special Judges’ award as the team that “came the furthest and overcame the most obstacles.” Marvin’s work to help Jamaican kids discover that they’re able to create, invent and compete against peers anywhere in the world is, to me, very inspiring – congratulations to Marvin, Halls of Learning and “LEGO Yuh Mind”.

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  2. Do you know if Marvin is still doing this? Halls of Learning and / or Lego Yuh Mind? Very interested in knowing an email reply (as opposed to a comment reply) would be great as I might miss the latter :D


  3. This is quite impressive. It is also encouraging to see kids in developing countries taking part in this.

    I am trying to introduce robotics in Kenya. It seems that i will have to start with sumobots rather than Lego because of cost considerations and low level of technical expertise.

    It is nice to know that we will win the team from the farthest prize.

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