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Hearing Kenyan Voices

I got a note from Ory this morning pointing me to a pretty good article in Nairobi’s Daily Nation about the rise of Kenyan blogs. I’ve been using Kenya as an example of a succesful national blogosphere for about a year, in talks and in papers. It’s great to see local media paying attention to one of the most interesting communities in the blogosphere, and I’m grateful that the article linked to some excellent blogs I didn’t know about like Kenyan Villager, who blogs from the village of Nyahururu in Central Kenya.

It’s a good week to learn more about Kenyan blogs – Daudi Were, who’s prominently featured in the Nation article, shares his voice with the world for the first time in a Mental Acrobatics podcast. There’s something intensely cool about hearing the voice of someone you read everyday, but have never met in person. Limitations of the medium – indexing, bandwidth – aside, it makes me want to pick up the microphone sometime soon.

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