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A googlebomb for Alaa

Many friends of Alaa have responded to his detention by organizing a “googlebombing” campaign, designed to create lots of links from the word “Egypt” on webpages to the site set up to protest Alaa’s detention – freealaa.blogspot.com. I don’t know whether the web community will be able to redirect a term as commonly linked as “Egypt“, but it’s worth a try – it certainly worked for the folks who were upset about the term “Arabian Gulf“. I’m thrilled to see that a wide range of bloggers are picking up the meme and passing it on – I’m guessing Alaa’s detention may prove an interesting lesson for the Egyptian government about the dangers of detaining prominent bloggers with wide networks of friends.

I’m very interested to see that Alaa’s blogging from prison. I don’t know how he’s accomplishing this – on paper, or via some electronic medium, but it’s good to hear his thoughts and expectations about his time in detention, and I’m very glad that Manal gets to hear his words and thoughts.

I wish we had similar access to Hao Wu’s thoughts as he faces his third month of detention. I’d ask that people concerned with Alaa’s detention take a moment to sign the petition asking for Hao’s release as well.

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  1. I doubt it will work, Looks like a few people are actualy participating. The post on digg didn’t make it to the front page, The post on slashdot also but if it’s what we can do then it’s what we can do :-)

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