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Translated voices from Senegal

Alice Backer has a terrific post on Global Voices, translating reactions to a slideshow posted on Seneweb.com. The slide show features images of Senegalese refugees who’ve left the country on rafts or makeshift boats, attempting to reach the Canary Islands – it includes images of people who didn’t survive the trip and pictures of those caught and returned home.

In the past week, the slideshow has generated over 250 comments from readers inside Senegal and in the diaspora, representing a wide range of views. Alice translates several of them, including ones that despair at the economic conditions within Senegal, ones that warn potential emigrees of the difficulty of making a life in Europe, and one purportedly from Senegal’s president. It’s a rich and moving conversation… and one I would have missed entirely unless Alice had been available to translate it…

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  1. See also Cruel Sea – an exhibition by Juan Medina


    Juan Medina, a Reuters photographer based in the Canary Islands, has been documenting the arrival of African migrants to the island of Fuerteventura since 1999 ‘one of the most horrific, cruel and important immigration movements of our time’.

    and of course, An African in Greenland or any of a myriad in Latin America, China, Albania, South East Asia etc… The journeys people take…

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