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An early morning appearance on Democracy Now!

It’s rare that an 8am breakfast meeting is my second meeting of the day. But that’s what happens when you start your day with a 5am TV appearance. Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! team is at the Netsquared conference and spent half of today’s show featuring conference speakers: Hong Eun-taek from OhMyNews, Reuters Digital Vision fellow Saori Fotenos, and yours truly. I’m already hearing back from Amy’s viewers, which is pretty exciting, and the show is easy to access online – you can download an mp3 or watch a RealVideo stream. We’re the second half of the show.

The fun of these events for me is always meeting my fellow guests. Saori’s project with Reuters – Vamos Blogar – involves helping at-risk youth in Rio learn how to blog – it’s an interesting model that might work in other favelas and low-income communities around the world. And Eun Taek and I had the chance to talk more about the parallels and differences between GVO and OhMyNews – there’s a lot our projects can do together, and even more we can learn from one another. I’m looking forward to visiting OhMyNews in a few weeks in Seoul and talking further.

All of which helps dull the pain of that 4am wakeup call. And if I look bleary-eyed and unshaven in the video… well, I am. :-)

6 thoughts on “An early morning appearance on Democracy Now!”

  1. Every morning, I stay in bed listing to Democracy Now. Amy is my window to the world I care to connect with. There is so much pollution in the airwave…. This morning, program with you, Hong Eun-taek, and Saori Fotenos impressed me. What you are doing to empower the many providing access to the power of the blog is awesome!

    I just finished reading, “the World is flat” by Thomas L. Friedman two days ago and I am wondering looking for my entry point to the so called flat world. Truly, your program not only showed me the door but gave me the key as well.
    On my next note, I will share my story.
    Thank you.
    Tebabu Assefa

  2. Aloha Ethan, Hone, Saori and Amy,

    Was first window of “Democracy Now” to what bloggs entusiasthic people doing in third world countries.

    Please Ethan, Hone, Saori and Amy, do again please, once the space is open, you never close.

    Ethan, I would like to learn more about how I can make my own blogg, could you please release some tips?


  3. Hi ethan,
    Can the NSA really handle all the data it claims to be acguiring in a meaningful way or is all the news a simple exercise in bluffing those who might not know they aren’t capable of covering everyone? A psyche with no teeth for the most part, with focus on a sizeable few ? If you knew the answer, would it be classified? If it were could you even address it in a response, etc. etc. etc.

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