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My top secret existence


So… I’ve spent the last two days in a board meeting for the OSI information program… which I can’t blog about. And now I’m heading into a 2.5 day retreat for OSI as a whole… which I can’t blog about.

In the short breaks between sessions, I’ve been walking around Sultanahmet and snapping photos – so rather than reading, you can browse my Istanbul photos, and wait patiently for that blessed moment in the future when my life is no longer top secret… :-)

5 thoughts on “My top secret existence”

  1. Dominic Cianciolo


    My name’s Dominic Cianciolo. I’m an acquaintance of Hao Wu’s. I just found out about his detention, and would like to mobilize resources to help. I can do a great deal to help. Please contact me ASAP so we may discuss.



  2. And the broken windows, later, are beautiful and sad.

    You know, these remind me a lot of Firenze — the buildings in bright, soild colors; the chair by the wrought iron screen, and the balconies; the domes and the patterns of the cobble stones; the shops and the markets and the fruit; the ripple in the roofs, and the arches, and the bicycles. Everything but the weathered wood, and the broken glass, and the caligraphy. What a place.

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