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Hao Wu is free

I’m thrilled to announce that our friend and colleague Hao Wu has been freed after five months in prison. We’ve confirmed his release – he’s at home with his family.

There are so many people to thank – everyone who has written about his detention, our friends at Reporters Without Borders, who’ve worked tirelessly for his release, and friends in the US Congress and Senate who wrote letters demaning his release.

I’m getting on a flight to Korea right now – I suspect I’ll know more by the time my plane lands 14 hours later. In the meantime, here’s the update from Global Voices, and from RSF. We’ll fix the badges once I get on the ground to celebrate Hao’s release.

4 thoughts on “Hao Wu is free”

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  2. Cross-posted from the GVO blog entry on Hao Wu:

    Good news that this young man has finally been released from jail by the PRC authorities. Could it be that thousands of outspoken voices from the blogosphere (i.e. the GVO community) combined with critical news coverage from the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post are having an impact on Beijing’s domestic and foreign policies?? Nah, no chance of that happening anytime soon. Maybe they just cut Hao Wu loose as a gesture of kindness before the upcoming G8 Summit in Russia.

    Nonetheless it is good to see that Hao Wu is out of jail (for now anyways). You think that they will let him come back to the States anytime soon or speak openly in China about his ordeal behind bars? Naaah, I doubt it.

    P.S. Korea!!? What are you doing in Korea? North or South?

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